Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ice Skating

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that Hubs Facebooked and Tweeted to all of his youth kids that he would love to have an impromptu iceskating day.  Then he texted me and asked if the boys and I could meet him at the park at 4:00.  

The boys normally wake up from their nap just before or after 4:00.  I told him I'd rather not wake them up from their nap.  Plus it took me almost 2 hours to get L to take his nap.  We were out all day the day before so L didn't take any naps.  Trying to get him to take regular naps the next day is always a little challenging.  So I wasn't happy that I would have to wake him too, especially since I fought so hard to get him to sleep.  

I was happy that right at 4:00 G woke up and called for me.  I quickly finished getting myself and everything I needed to get the boys ready ready.  I went downstairs opened M & G's bedroom door and only G was awake.  M stayed asleep almost the entire time it took me to get G ready to go.  M woke up a bit emotional.  He just wanted to snuggle.  So we sat on his bedroom floor together swaying back and forth for a minute or so until he was ready to get dressed.  I think if I left G in there for another minute he would have fallen back to sleep and M would have eventually woken up a little happier, but I really wanted to get them to the park before it got dark.  

After getting the Bigs all ready I plopped them (buckled safely with the heat on) in the car and told them I would be back with L.  I warned them it was going to take a little while.  

I went back inside and had to wake up the Little Man.  I felt so bad!  I had snow pants and my big clonky boots on when I went into his room.  He slept through me walking past his crib, going through his dresser drawers to pull out a warmer outfit, walking back to his crib and half way through my unvelcroing his swaddle.  Then he woke up with a bang!  Screaming, squirming, fighting.  Poor thing!  Didn't we just finish this scene only an hour ago, but with me trying to put you to sleep not trying to wake you.  MOMMY!!!  

Anyway, the boys had a blast!  They have so much fun when Daddy's "kids" are around.  They love to try to take their phones to play games, or take their hats, or sunglasses.  Basically anything that will get a reaction.

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