Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monster TRUCKS!!!

Back on the 2nd (Hubs big birthday 30!!!) we took the boys to Monster Jam.  I remember asking hubs about being able to do this way back in the summer.  At that time he said not this year.  He went on to say that he felt the boys were too young to 'witness' monster trucks and demolition derby.  In January when he saw that Monster Jam was coming to the Fargo Dome he bought 4 tickets.  I said to him, "What happened to the boys being too young this year?"  He laughed.  I was SO excited!  I think I was more excited about it than any of the 3 of them.  

We waited until the middle of the week to tell the boys that we were going to see monster trucks on Saturday.  They weren't overly excited.  I was bummed.  I thought they would be screaming, jumping up and down, you know, going crazy.  

On Friday we told them again that we were going to see monster trucks tomorrow.  They were a little more excited but still not as thrilled as I imagined.  I don't think they totally understood what we were going to be doing.

Saturday morning came and I was so giddy.  Of course we started the morning off with saying Happy Birthday to the hubs.  I can't remember but I hope I made a decent breakfast that morning :/ haha  Then he took the two Bigs to one of his students basketball games.  They came home and he snuggled with them while watching a short show....

Then we left the Little Man with my mom and we were on our way.  

Here we are pulling into the Fargo Dome.

We saw a derby car being trailed.  We assumed he was from the previous nights show.

We all know I take a lot of pictures, but a hundred plus at Monster Jam might be a tad excessive.  :o

The boys were allowed to bring one monster truck each to the show.  Sadly, neither of the trucks they brought were at the stadium. :(   They didn't seem to care.

Yes that is basically the same picture with different trucks.  :)

The monster trucks took a little break and the dirt bikes came out.

Three men on dirt bikes riding in a ball cage.  Pretty cool.  

I think Hubs and my favorite part of the show were the dirt bike stunts.

When Hubs saw this one (above) he started cracking up.  I honestly had no idea what they were doing while I was taking pictures.  I was trying to watch, trying to take pictures and trying to not annoy the sweet thrilled little boy that was sitting on my lap by hitting him in the head with my camera.

The boys liked the dirt bikes but they were even happier when the monster trucks came back out.

They even got to see one roll over.

The boys loved it and Hubs had a great birthday.

M was extremely emotional when we left.  He was crying these huge crocodile tears because he didn't want it to be over.  He insisted that they were still going to race and we were going to miss it.  They left the trucks on the stadium floor so we understood his thinking.  I felt so bad that we had to take him away.

We got the boys buckled in the car and inched through the line of cars.  They both fell fast asleep before we even left the parking lot.  Maybe 5 minutes?  They were so tired.

We got home and woke them up so we could eat some birthday cake... with a lot of candles.

Hubs favorite... Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

I didn't take a picture of his second cake from when we celebrated with his parents and brother and his wife.  It was an Andes Mint cake (chocolate cake baked with crushed Andes Mints and mint frosting with chocolate ganache on top).

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