Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Babes are now BOYS!

The babes and I went and got our pictures taken back in July. I really have to stop calling them babes. They are getting SO big. So I will rephrase... The BOYS and I went and got our pictures taken back in July.

YUP! That's right! We are expecting #3!! We are so excited! Terrified! Thrilled!

The morning I found out Hubs mom was here visiting. I told her I am sorry but the babes boys and I have a secret mission that we have to get done before Hubs gets home from work. I felt really bad, and yes it would have been easier having another set of hands, but this was a mission for just Mommy and the babes boys.

On our way to get our pictures taken I stopped at CVS to buy some lipstick. I was thinking about bright red, but then thought about my boys and my skin. We are so pale and I wasn't sure red would look so good on our bellies. So I went with a neutral copper. I'm happy with the color I chose.

When the babes boys and I got to the picture place I told them I wanted just one photo. This was going to be how I tell my husband I'm pregnant. They thought it was a cute idea. They have done it before where the older child is wearing a 'Big Brother' shirt. I had thought about that, but thought that it was ordinary. Of course I want to get those shirts when the new babe comes :)

After about 10 minutes I asked the girl if she thought she got a good enough picture because my arms were dead. She laughed and said, yup I think we got it.

Remember how I said I wanted only one. I left with all the above. I just couldn't decide which picture Hubs would like best.

His mom went out with my mom so I had the house to myself when he got home. Which was perfect! I put all of the pictures in frames and I set them up on the kitchen counter. When he walked in he said, oh cute, you guys got your pictures taken today. Wait, why do you all have numbers on your belly. (Honestly I didn't think that he wouldn't get it right away...we were hoping this would happen soon). Finally he said, OH WHAT, REALLY?!!

We were impatiently waiting for my first ultra sound. When I was pregnant with the boys we told our family and friends the week or the week after we found out. I wasn't ready to do that this time. I wanted to have the answer to the question that I knew people would ask right away. How many?

At my 8 week appointment I packed the boys up with snacks and treats hoping that they would be on their best behavior during my special appointment. They sat so happily in their stroller while I was having my ultrasound. The doctor made me laugh. She said, I hope there is only one this time.

I was prepared to hear that there were two. That's what I know. I know two. It's normal (for me).

I'm sitting on the table for what felt like forever. She was looking at the screen and finally said, there's only one, OH wait. Hold on.... Oh ok, there's only one. There was a second yolk sac but only one baby. She looked around for a bit just to make sure that the 2nd baby wasn't there.

It was odd. With my first pregnancy the same thing happened. There were three yolk sacs, but only 2 babies. I guess my body just wants to be extra sure that there will be at least one babe.

It was sad to hear once again that the other baby wasn't there. My mom was so sweet about it. She said, honey I know that you are wishing that there were two after she saw the second sac, but honey you deserve the chance to have one baby at a time.

As awesome as it would be to have multiples again, I am thrilled that I am going to have a singleton. Especially since the boys are only going to be 2 years and 2 months when this little babe is born. I know 1st hand how much time it takes to nurse two babies, change two babies diapers, give two babies a bath, do everything in double. I was most nervous that I would push M and G to grow up fast because they are now big brothers. Knowing that there is only one baby growing in my belly I feel like I will still be able to allow my big babes to be babes. Thinking about the possibility of multiples I was becoming concerned that I would miss out on the boys. I knew I would never let them miss out on me, but I was afraid I would miss out on them. That I would make it look like I was there, but not actually be there.

We are looking forward to my 13 week ultrasound in 2 weeks. Hubs wasn't able to come to the first one so I know he can't wait to see the little babe.

10 Weeks
This was taken during the middle of last week.

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