Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Mistake!

My babes put EVERYTHING in their mouths! They are big chewers of anything they find. Well that's not true. Anything they find on the floor in the house (fuzz, paint chip, bug, etc.) they pick up and bring over to the closest adult. They are great at not putting that kind of stuff in their mouths. BUT, books, toys, rocks, crayons those types of things go right in.

I have been wanting to make playdoh for a while now. They played with the real stuff at the church nursery over the summer. I wasn't a huge fan, but I wasn't going to tell them no. I was just hovering the whole time. Of course it went in their mouths. I was able to catch it most of the time but YUCK!

I finally decided I was going to try the recipe I had found online a long time ago. I read through it just to make sure I had everything. YUP, I got it all. So I began the process. As I was adding the ingredients I came across one I couldn't find. Cream of tarter. Come on, I know I have it. I use it a bunch when I bake... where in the world is it. NONE!! I have NO idea where my 2 little tins were. I must have left them in my moms pantry when we moved out of there and came back home. UGH!

I had already added all of the wet ingredients to the dry. So I couldn't just bag up the dry and save until I could run to the store and pick up some cream of tarter. I decided to just keep plugging along.

I'm glad I did. I divided the batch into two plastic bags. I zipped them closed and added a strip of duct tape for good measure.

After the babes and I ate breakfast I thought that we would play with the (what I'm calling) "squish bags".

They loved them! Well M LOVED them! G liked them.

G inspecting the tape.
M has been a real ham with the camera lately and gives these cheesy smiles.
M squishing.
and squishing...
and loving every squish.
G had fun with it if I squished it and then told him to squish it. He just didn't think it was all that entertaining.
M was thrilled G didn't really care about it
and decided it would be ok for him to take both squish bags.

M trying to find a place to sit with both bags.
G was more interested in my camera.
M took the bags to the corner of the living room to play.

Then he decided he wanted to get on the chair. Once on the chair he asked for the blanket. Is he not the cutest!
During our play time this morning we were dancing and singing. Mommy got really crazy and did the Michael Jackson 'OW'. Not the move! Just the yell and threw my hands up in the air. Both boys looked at me like I just hurt myself. I guess that's what I get for yelling ow. After I did it a couple of more times they started giggling. I told them to do it. Here is M doing it on the chair with his squish bags.

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