Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Blessed

I'm joining Gretchen over at He Sows and She Sews and sharing my blessings.

Last week was EXHAUSTING!

It started out wonderful. Monday was a very exciting day for us. The boys took a super long nap which helped Mama get a lot of laundry done. That's a blessing right there! Laundry done...FINALLY.

Monday night began the stroll downhill. No big deal. M woke up in the middle of the night and I got to snuggle him. I only 'had' to snuggle him for just a minute, but I decided to enjoy the blessing and took him over to the chair in the corner of the room and sat with him for about 20 minutes. There was no reason to continue to hold him, except that I wanted to. I am so thankful for those two boys. After laying him down, I went over to G's crib and I stroked his head for a minute and just smiled thinking about how blessed I am to be given these two precious babes.

Tuesday M woke up so congested, coughing, and what I thought to be wheezing. Wheezing is normal for them when they get sick. We were around a cousin the other week that found out he had pneumonia and I just wanted to make sure the doc didn't think it was necessary for us to come in and that I could just use M's inhaler and see if he started to get better. I am so blessed to have a pediatrician that will take a message and call me back immediately. A pediatrician that will talk to me on the phone for over 10 minutes so that I don't have to go into the office. The doctor said that is sounds like M has croup. He said I didn't need to bring him, didn't need to give him the inhaler, and to put him in a steamy bathroom if he starts to cough uncontrollably. He said M should be able to kick it on his own. That night we gave the boys a super steamy bath, hoping that it would clear them both up nicely before bed. As we watched them play in the bath they both had the biggest buddha bellies and their ribs were so prominent. We knew they were laboring to breath. So we gave them their inhalers before bed. We knew it wouldn't hurt the croup and that it could help with the laboring.

Tuesday night was miserable. When I finally got the boys to sleep I sat down and OH NO! with out any warning was just as sick as them. I am so blessed that this is miserable, I can imagine worse, and so blessed that it wasn't worse. Both boys woke up a bunch through out the night. Mama gave some snuggles and they slept for another 2-3 hours or so. They woke up once more got a few more snuggles and then woke up 5 hours later. Then woke up for good at 7:30. That is so early for them.

Wednesday morning I decided to take them for an early trip to the doctors. M was having such a hard time breathing and I knew G wasn't too far behind. I am so blessed that when I called my doctor first thing in the morning they had no problem seeing me.

It had flooded a bunch around here Wednesday morning and I had to go all these back roads. Another blessing. I found my way there, having no idea where I was.

The doctor we were scheduled to see was doing rounds at the hospital that morning and was going to be super late. She had to get around flooding herself. After waiting for about 30 minutes the boys were done. M was limp as a rag doll laying on me and G sitting in the stroller alone and seemed to be jealous. Of course he didn't understand that Mommy was snuggling M because he was sick and not because she likes him more. Just then a different doctor came in and said that he would be happy to see them if I would like. Another blessing... right when I was ready to cry because I was alone and felt so guilty.

The doc listend to M's chest and after 2 seconds he said, I have no idea what I am hearing. Let's give him a treatment right away. M HATED the nebulizer. He thinks it is torture. The nurse came in and set up the nebulizer. Both the doctor and the nurse leave, leaving the mother to give the treatment to their child. I was fighting M while he was crying and struggling and G was again sitting in the stroller watching. This time he had fear all over his face. He was watching his mommy torture his brother. Cause pain on his brother. The fear in his eyes made me break down and I started bawling. I am so blessed that I feel such a strong connection to my boys. So blessed that right as I pulled myself together and told myself and G that I am not hurting M I am helping 3 of the office managers opened the door and started to play peek a boo with G. This was a VERY long 10 minutes.

After the doctor listened to M again he said, "he has everything". Excuse me what is everything. He said there are rules and none of the rules are being followed right now. He has croup, he has what sounds to be some liquid in the lungs, and his chest is very congested. He gave us scripts for antibiotics, steroids, and inhaler. He said not to start the steroids unless he gets worse and to call first. Then he listened to G. He said G isn't far behind, but I think he will be able to push through without antibiotics.

The boys and I made our way back to the car and then straight to the drive through at the pharmacy. After giving our scripts we sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes. I am so blessed that even though G wanted to go play he sat quietly while M napped.

I am so blessed to have an understanding loving husband. Hubs came home early on Wednesday to help out. G went down for a nap and M only slept for about 15 minutes. I am so blessed that G slept for 3 hours. He woke up right as daddy was walking in the door. M snuggled mama for those 3 hours. We laid on the couch and watched Fresh Beat Band. When Hubs walked in he took M and said I wasn't allowed to hold him anymore. Both M and I had a fever and hubs said he felt M's fever go way down in 5 minutes since we were against each other. I am blessed that hubs got home so I could go and spend some quality time with G.

Wednesday was a long night. M woke up and I needed to take him into the steamy shower. However, our hot water wasn't working. Hubs got up to go try to restart the pilot light on the furnace and found 3 feet of water in the basement, AGAIN! The new sump pump we got decided that after the first time it worked it wasn't going to work again.

Blessed again that Thursday hubs stayed home to take care of us, the water, and the furnace. After some family snuggles the furnace guy and some more tv we were all starting to feel a little better.

Hubs went back to work on Friday and the boys and I began to feel so much better. They even started to play a little.

It's been hard to shut the tv off again. I don't normally ever have the tv on when they are awake. This last week was just a special week with them being so sick. Since our huge beautiful tv fried the weekend before I am blessed that we only had a 24" tv instead of a 52" tv. It made me more comfortable with leaving it on all week.

Even though we had a long, hard, exhausting week the blessings just kept popping up. I am so thankful for that!

How were you blessed during the week?

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