Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rice Explorations

I've been trying to do one (different) thing a day with the boys. There are all these great ideas out there on what to do with your toddler. I would love to try all those things but some of them just aren't practical to do with two toddlers at the same time.

For example... Rice Explorations. Going into this I knew that it would be so much better if there was one adult with each child, but there aren't. Not during the day anyway. So I said, suck it up and just do it. So what, you are going to have to clean up a bit of a mess. It's going to be fun.

I pulled out two pots, two cooking spoons, four measuring cups and a bag of rice. If I was going to do this with one toddler I would have pulled out a cookie sheet to work on top of, but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to contain the rice with two boys.

I put the pots on the ground and gave the boys their spoons and cups. They then watched me pour the rice into the pots. They were so giddy. Their squeals were just so cute.

This is what happened next -

M transferring rice from measuring cup to measuring cup.

G stirring his rice with his cooking spoon.

G feeling the texture of the rice.

G loving this activity.

M checking out the texture of the rice.

G decided he wanted to take his pot to the table. I was going to let them work there, but the table is so tall compared to their chairs and I just thought that it would be uncomfortable for them.
M thought it was SO FUN!

They even helped Mommy clean up.

We had a blast exploring with the rice. What fun thing can I do tomorrow??? Any ideas?

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