Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nice Surprise

Hubs got home from work early today!

Wednesdays are always a long day. Normally we don't get to see him AT ALL. He goes to work before we wake up and he gets home after we (well at least the babes) are in bed. After work he goes straight to Youth Group, sometimes he might get a chance to pop in but home is almost 30mins past church on his way home and often doesn't have the chance to get here and if he does get here the boys are either taking their afternoon nap or they just woke up. If they just woke up they get so frustrated and sad that he was home for 20 seconds and then left.

The last few Wednesdays he has been working at a job site and is home before 5. Today he was home just before 4.

Since he was home so early and it was just a beautiful day I asked him if he wanted to go to the farm or to the park. He said, why would we go to the farm. DUH! It's October. I want to at least walk the pumpkin fields... and I would like to do it NOT on a Saturday when it is so incredibly packed.

He opted for the park. He asked if we could bring Jersey with us. It was hard to get any pictures having two 18mth olds and a dog... but I got a few. :)

G was so excited that Jersey got to come with us that he was running along with him.
M was happy staying back with me.
M was carrying a large ball and had a hard time running with Daddy and G. He did a pretty good job keeping up though.
That's when the ball didn't distract him.
We did a whole bunch of walking on the track and on the grass. The boys walked us all the way up to the playground. We tied Jersey up to a tree right next to the playground and played for a little bit. We climbed the steps, went down the slide (thousands of times), and drove the 'car'.

On our way back to the car Daddy found a stick and tried to get Jersey to take it. He had no desire but G thought it would be a great walking stick. Every time he put it down on the ground M tried to grab it out of his hand.

After a little bit G dropped the stick and helped Daddy walk Jersey. M picked up the stick and swung it around and around (scaring me to death) until we got to the car.

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