Friday, October 7, 2011


The boys have started to love coloring. They still like to eat the crayons but they also like to actually put some colors on the paper.

Last night the boys saw the crayons on the buffet and asked to color. I pulled out some paper and we sat at their little blue table. Daddy was home too so we both added some color to the papers too.

G decided that the paper wasn't the only thing that needed some color. He thought the wall would look good with some red cuteness. (Do you like his shiner. They climb the stairs now when it's nap time or bed time. The other night they had on footsy pajamas that are a size too big and he kept slipping on the steps. I kept my hand on his bum and guided him up the stairs. When we got to the top stair I must have pushed his bum a little too high because he face planted on the landing. He had an immediate egg. Poor thing!)

We even had a little ice cream treat while coloring. I'm sure you can tell by M's mouth.

After lunch today G saw the crayons on the table and said color, paper.
Look at how intense G is looking at his artwork.
M proud of his work.

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  1. They are growing up so fast! Thanks for letting us see the coloring!
    Grandma R