Friday, February 10, 2012


My boys have such big hearts!  They are always checking in on each other and their Mama.  When one of them grabs a toy he always grabs a second one to bring to his brother.  Brother doesn't always want it and they don't necessarily know how to communicate that so well, but non the less it is so sweet the way they look after each other.  

They are so handsome.  I really want to say they are so beautiful, because they are, but they're boys so I better say handsome.  I'm sure you other Mommy's out there understand this.  I look at them and I am always in awe.  I can't believe that God used Hubs and I to create something (2 somethings) so incredibly amazing.  

My boys are heart breakers... at least I can only imagine that they will be.  Hopefully in the best way possible!  :)  

I just finished their Valentine's Day shirts.  I am so proud of myself, I am normally finishing their 'holiday' shirts the night before the holiday.  I was almost a week early with these shirts.  Go me :) 

The shirts were very simple.  It wasn't my first idea.  My first idea was a cute shirt that I found while searching on Pintrest.  I needed a white shirt for that particular shirt.  I was planning on making the shirt itself from scratch.  However, I didn't want to do that yet.  I have a couple other sewing projects that I want to get done first so I figured I would put 'shirt from scratch' on the back burner.  I found black long sleeve shirts on sale at Target so I snatched them up and thought of a new idea.  

Heart Breaker.

I started with my plan black shirt.  I found some scrap red fabric in my chest and cut out 2 broken hearts.  (Sorry about the gross picture). 

I used some sort of heat and bond (whatever that stuff is called) and ironed on the broken hearts.  

Then I did a zig-zag stitch around the heart.  Apparently you don't have to sew the fabrics together, but #1 I think it looks better, #2 by the time I'm done sewing the edges are always already pulling up.  I can't imagine that they would stay down after being on super mobile toddlers.  

I should have done a larger zig but I'm happy with the finished product.  

After the broken hearts were completed I printed out Heart Breaker using a fun font.  I traced the letters onto some freezer paper and then spent an entire show cutting out Heart Breaker twice.  Supposedly you can reuse your freezer paper pattern but I'm never very careful when I remove the paper so I just cut out two phrases.

I ironed the freezer paper onto the hearts and dabbed white paint over the open letters.  I couldn't find my fabric paint in my clutter room (that needs to be de-cluttered and turned back into a nursery) so I just used white acrylic paint.

I am thrilled with how the shirts came out.  I can't wait to see my handsome boys in them.  I'm happy that I went with this idea and not the first one because this one can be worn way after Valentine's Day, the other one was very Valentine's Day and I probably wouldn't have put it on them again after.

I will definitely take pictures of M & G in their heart breaker shirts and post them :)

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  1. Your shirts are adorable and the grandboys are heart breakers! I wish I could see them more often!
    Can't wait to see the pictures!

    Love, Grandma R