Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jumping Bean

I am 27 1/2 weeks pregnant.  This little jumping bean is so amazing.  The bean is moving non stop all of the time.  Sometimes I can't believe that I am only (just about) 7 months pregnant and other times I can't believe that I am already (almost) 7 months pregnant.  

When we were pregnant with the boys I did not want to know what we were having.  There are posts way back about that, so I won't bore you with that again.  As many of you know we (Hubs) found out and just had to tell me.  He did it in a great way... but I didn't actually want to know before they arrived.  You can find the sharing of the babies sex here.  

This time I told Hubs I again don't want to know what we are having.  He thinks it is so funny that I don't want to know yet since I am such a planner and so incredibly impatient.  He wants to know, but understands that I don't.  So he did not push it at all this time.

At our 20 week ultrasound we told the tech that we didn't want to know.  Well I told the tech I didn't want to know, Hubs just sat their biting his tongue.  Two weeks later when I went to the ob for a check up I asked her if she knew.  She said no.  I said can you find out?  She looked in my file and told me that the sex was written down.  I asked her if she could write the sex on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope for me.  Apparently even though I said I didn't want to know I did.

Two weeks later Hubs decided to look in that envelope.  He opened it on New Years Day.  At that time I told him I still didn't want to know.  He could tell that I really did, but wasn't going to tell me without me asking.  

When Hubs came home from Haiti I told him I was ready to know.  I told him that with everything that is up in the air right now, everything that we don't have answers to with our house on the market in Short Sale and other things, that this is something I could have a concrete answer to and I wanted to know SOMETHING.  

If this baby is a girl I would have a lot of preparing to do.  If the baby is a boy I would have NO preparing to do.  The boys were born in the middle of March and were in premie clothes for a while, so if this babe is of 'normal' size and is a boy, he will fit in the boys clothes perfectly and we wouldn't have to buy anything. 

Anyway... I will stop babbling and just tell you already.... 

*Please pardon my appearance.  

Hubs wrapped the present and put a nice bow on it, but before he could hold the camera up the boys had already tore into it.

Can you tell yet?

We are excited to tell you that I will have a new man in my life.  We are having a BOY!  The boys now say Baby Brother when we ask them what's in mommy's belly instead of just Baby.

G wanted the lovey for himself.

Yeah for a brother!

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  1. First off - that will be so fun to have a little crew of boys running around. About your new little man will be really close with the twins! Second, it is so funny that not only do you know what wee sing is but that you stole the video from your cousin! Our package from my Aunt came from overstock and it was a dvd so you may be able to find it there for a steal...