Friday, February 3, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

The boys decided that my kitchen needed a little remodel.  

All but one kitchen cabinet is locked tight... so I thought.  The boys didn't take long to figure out how to remove the cabinet locks.  Babies R Us here I come... (soon).  

I LOVE that they put the pot on their grill.   I think it's just SO AMAZING how preceptive they are!  Babes are really amazing.  The things they learn just by watching is beyond me.

At this point I was nervous that a pot would fall off their little grill and crush a toe... or crack my tile.

This is the tornado they left when they were 'done' playing in the kitchen.


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  2. Your kids are C-U-T-E!!! They are quite energetic to be fascinated by remodeling at a very young age. Haha! I wish I could see the kitchen after the renovation done by your angels. Do you happen to have any more pictures?

    Kristopher Diss