Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thomas Playtime

Lately I have been having a really hard time getting the boys to play.  We've been watching a lot of shows (many more than I would like).  I am a TV junkie and I don't want my boys to be that.  My goal is for them to only watch 30mins a day.  Maybe a movie here or there with Mommy and Daddy. Honestly I'd rather them watch no TV all day.  

However, they are so stinking cute that I can't say no.  I mean why in the world would I turn down a chance to snuggle on the couch with my boys.  I'm also having a hard time playing with them.  Not only and I not a player, but it's now officially uncomfortable to sit on the floor with one of them on my lap.  So I have been doing a lot of sitting on the couch instead.  I don't do much house work when the boys are awake.  When they are awake I am all about them.  The computer is off the phone is on a high shelf but I just haven't been able to play with them.  

It was so neat.  Today I didn't have to play with them, but they sure did entertain me.  After most meals I wipe the boys hands clean.  They always want the 'clean' when I am all done.  I let them have the towels and then they go about the living room and dining room and clean anything and everything.  After lunch as they were cleaning G saw his Thomas tent behind the dining room hutch.  I don't pull it out often, but when I do they have a BLAST! 

Here is M inside the tent yelling G see me?  See me?  G was on the outside of the tent looking in and pushing the tent saying Choo Choo.  

G sitting in the tent.

After playing in the tent the boys are always VERY thirsty and hot.

G with a full mouth of water.

Can I just say how much I love the color of their hair.  It's like strawberry blonde, but brown, but white blonde,... well I really have no idea how to describe the color.  I just LOVE it!

M chugging from his water bottle.

Look at how rosy M's cheeks and nose are.  I'm not sure if you can tell.  I was a bad mama and yesterday when I took them to the farm for an Easter play day I didn't even think about putting sun block on them.  It was 60 degrees, but beautifully sunny.  Surprisingly I didn't even think about having their hats.  That won't happen again (hopefully), I am now aware that it is spring and that my little Norwegian boys need to be protected!

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  1. Tell Gunnar Grandma saw him in the choo choo. He and Micaiah are sooooo adorable. Hug and kiss them for me.
    Love Grandma R