Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maternity Photo Shoot OVERLOAD!

Hubs and I decided to try to take our own maternity photos.  We knew it would be a challenge, but we also knew we would have fun.  I said last night that some came out alright and others down right horrible.  

Sadly we didn't get very many with the boys in the frame.  The ones I did have with the boys in the frame were incredibly overexposed :( .  We will try to do some more with them soon... that's if I don't go into labor after all of the climbing, hiking, running I did yesterday to get these pictures :) 

The above pictures I put my camera on my tiny tripod.  Then I made my brother sit/stand/lay where I was planning on being.  I set all of the settings on the camera and then took his spot on the blanket.  I used my awesome little remote that Hubs got me for Christmas and tried to capture some pictures of just me.  I would have let Hubs do these (after explicit directions) but I left my big tripod in the car and he 'ran' to get it for me.  He was taking so long that I decided I would call him.  He didn't listen to a word I said and instead of grabbing the tripod from the floor of the passenger side he drove all the way home (only 2 minutes).  So while waiting my mom and brothers played with the boys and I tired to take my own pictures.

For all of the 'family' pictures I had someone (Hubs, my mom, or one of my brothers) sit/stand where I was going to be.  I put all the settings on the camera and then one of them clicked the button.

After torturing M & G with taking their pictures (that didn't even turn out) we let them play on the playground.  My mom and brothers stayed with them while Hubs and I went off on our own to get some couple photos.  

I wouldn't suggest that any of you super pregnant ladies climb a tree.... unless you have a He-Man of a husband like mine that can help you up and down.  It was quite a scene.  I don't actually have a picture to show how high off the ground I was.  The last one gives you an idea... but not exact.  To get down I stepped on Hubs shoulders and basically monkey climbed down him.  I got him so incredibly filthy.  I couldn't stop laughing and couldn't stop apologizing all at the same time.  I know I'm not a light one... good thing for his muscles.  

After shooting at our park we brought the boys home and I quick changed.  My mom stayed with the boys and fed them dinner.  She even got some snuggle time on the couch.

Then we moved on to my new favorite spot.  This is the same spot I took some of my brothers senior pictures.  Hubs and I discussed whether it would a 'safe' or if we should find somewhere else to go.  It's a climb to get to this spot.  We decided that we would try it and hope I didn't get stuck somewhere.  haha

Thanks Hubs for putting up with my craziness!  I know I'm a bit short when it comes to taking our family pictures.  I had fun though... and I'm pretty sure you did too!  You did a great job!


  1. I think you got some really fabulous shots! My favorite is the black and white one of you sitting in the last series of shots...stunning! That ring on your right hand is fab by the way!

  2. They are adorable and you look beautiful!