Monday, April 30, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day.  We will be welcoming Little Man into the world sometime around 11am.  

I am so excited to be meeting him!  His birth isn't going to be exactly what I wanted, but it is what it is and I will get to hold him in my arms no matter what tomorrow.  

I had a little photo shoot that I wanted to do with the boys before baby brother was born but I haven't had a nice enough day or time or hands to do it :(.  I decided that I was going to at least attempt one of the pictures I wanted even if it was going to be done in our dark dreary house.  After dinner tonight (which was so delicious, thank you Hubby) I painted M's right hand and G's left.  Hubs and I twisted their arms and my belly enough to make a heart on baby brother.  

The boys are so excited to meet baby brother.  They go into his room every time we walk upstairs.  They push his swing.  They give my belly kisses and pats.  

They are going to love on him so much.  

I think the little heart on my belly proves that.  

40 weeks preggo and ready to meet my new little man. 

To be honest I am nervous about bringing home baby brother.  I love M & G SO MUCH.  I'm not worried that I can't love another (like I hear most 2nd time moms are) I already love more than one.  I am just nervous because I'm afraid that I won't be able to give the babe (whether it be Little Man, M, or G) the attention and time that he needs at the exact moment he needs it.  Hubs reminds me that I do it all the time with 2 already... but it hasn't changed my fears yet :)

We are asking for your prayers... I know that there are only 10 hours until my scheduled c-section, but we are still praying that he will decide to come on his own.  I would really (laugh if you please) 'like' a natural birth.


  1. good luck! you are going t o do great and will be just fine when you get home!

  2. Don't be afraid. The bible is constantly reminding us to not be afraid. God is with you, God is for you, God has given you these wonderful boys whom He loves even more than you do. God has placed them in your care because He loves and trusts and knows you will do everything in your power (and when you're not strong enough, in His power) to give the attention and love each one individually needs. Don't be afraid.