Friday, April 13, 2012


Since Christmas I told Hubs that I wanted to get the boys a basketball set for their birthday.  We never ended up getting it for their birthday.  We decided to go with a different gift.  I still really wanted to get the basketball set, but figured we could wait until Spring time.  

My mom has known how much I wanted to get M & G a basketball set.  When she came for a little visit she came with gifts.  


They had so much fun playing basketball.





Before the boys woke up from their nap Hubs brought the crib down from the nursery so we could sand it and paint it.  We got half of the sanding done before they woke up.  Neither of us wanted to continue sanding while the boys were playing basketball, we were having SO much fun watching them.  

(I know I focused on the wrong eye, but I thought it was a cute picture)

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