Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sandbox Fun

On Saturday Hubs, the boys, and I went shopping.  We came home with a plastic pool, 6 bags of sand, a tarp, and a lot of other stuff (that has nothing to do with the 'sandbox').  Originally I wanted Hubs to make an awesome sandbox but with not knowing how long we will be in our house we aren't willing to do much that we can't 'take' with us.  This pool filled with sand covered with a tarp is absolutely perfect.  

M & G's Papa (my father) sent the boys some money for their birthday.  He originally wanted to get them a double sided easel (which I LOVED!) but I just wasn't sure where in the house I could put it.  With having to get a pack and play and a swing down in the living room and dining room area I just had no idea where I could fit the easel.  The idea of putting it in their room had fluttered by but it didn't last long (they can't have any toys in there).  So instead we decided to get some outdoor toys for the boys.  The big splurge of outdoor toys was the sandbox.

When Hubs got home from work he mowed a little square in the backyard (we didn't have time for him to mow the entire yard) and then he set the sandbox up.  The boys played in the sand for over an hour. 

G cracked us up.  When they first got in the sandbox I sat in there with them.  He stood for about a second and then quick sat on my lap.  I eventually had to get up and start dinner.  He was not a fan of being in the sand, however he LOVED playing in it.  If you look at the picture above you see his feet all curled up trying not to touch the sand.  

Or he would put one foot on the other, trying to keep as much of himself off of the sand. 

We had so much fun watching them play in the sand.  I can't wait to finish setting up our outdoor fun for the boys.  Hopefully Hubs can get the yard mowed sooner than later... but I have a huge list for him so we will see :)


  1. What fun they will have in the sandbox. We will have to get Gunnar to the lake so he can start to enjoy the feel of sand on his toes. Enjoyed the video as well, a lot of sound when the dump sand in the trucks!
    Grandma R

  2. What fun! You must be so excited with Baby #3 so close to arrive! Hope the transition from a family of 4 to a family of 5 is smooth!