Friday, June 10, 2011

Feet Up

I think feet are just so gross! Poor hubs can't even put his feet up on the couch without being careful that they are far away from me. If one brushes by me, even on accident, I go crazy. Feet are just disgusting!

However, baby feet....OH baby feet! Now baby feet should have a different name. They shouldn't be called feet because they are the most beautiful thing ever! I remember when hubs and I went in for our induction and 24 hours later we were still waiting for something to happen I said to him how much I couldn't wait to just suck on the babes little feet. Dear hubs was so taken back. He said, WHAT? But you HATE feet. Oh hubs, haha! Baby feet are something TOTALLY different.

How quickly baby feet change! My babes are getting so big. There are going to be 15 months tomorrow :/

They have gone from these teeny tiny little feet to these ham-hock pudgy (still scrumptious...but I'm sure not for long) feet.

This is a picture of their little feet the night they were born. Purple as can be but still so perfect!
Here is a pair of feet 4 days after birth. Still a bit purple, and still perfect!
Here they are getting a little pudge to them.
Even pudgier. Not only does mama love to steal a smell or kiss a pudgy foot, so do the babes.
And here they are! The toddler (ugh yes, I have to admit that they are now toddlers) feet. I am dreading the day that I am grossed out by their feet. I know it's coming, but for now, I will be stealing kisses and maybe even little bites of these four perfectly pudgy feet.

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  1. Dr. Suess wrote a book about feet. How many many feet you meet. More and more feet 24 four feet. In the house and on the street how many, many feet your meet! I loved reading this book to my kids. (This is just an excerpt not the whole thing.
    Grandma R.