Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pool Time

The boys have the best view of the yard from their room. When they wake up in the morning I open their curtains and they run over to the window to look out. They have these super cute stool/chairs that they received from Jon's boss when they were first born. They have been sitting waiting for them to be able to use them. They are finally strong enough, or is it brave enough, or maybe fearless enough to use the stools.

They use the changing table that is positioned right next to the stools to hold onto while they pull themselves up onto the step. Once they are up there comfortable enough they point out the window and start to get extremely giddy and yell poooul. There is a nice little pool right outside their bedroom window. They use to look at it and say baal (ball). It only took a day or two for them to learn the word for that gigantic ball is pool.

Jon decided that every night he gets home he wants to take the boys in the pool. Sadly the water is TOO cold for his wimp of a wife so we don't go in as often as he would like. Actually I haven't gone in once yet.

He did take the boys in once and is yearning to take them in again. Like I said, it's way too cold for me so I decided to blow up and fill a baby pool this morning so that by the time hubs gets home from work we can take the boys in there. He's just going to laugh at me, but that's ok :)




  1. I wonder if the pool is colder than Crystal lake right now? It is very refreshing but feels great on 90 degree humid days! I love the pictures of the boys swimming! Be sure they get some real lake time so they will enjoy the lake when they come to visit Grandma and Grandpa R.