Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow in October

Last Saturday we had a crazy snow storm. I wish I went outside with my camera to take some pictures that day and/or Sunday but I never did.

These pictures were taken with my phone from inside.

This picture was taken about two hours after it began snowing. The snow came quickly. Hubs was at a youth event with the church so it was just the boys and I at home. We had a lot of fun watching the snow fall and watching the snow plows going by the front of the house.

Shortly after this (2:00pm) our power went out. It was still bright enough that the boys didn't really even notice. We did call Daddy to find out how much longer he was going to be. He said that they were finishing lunch and then he would be on his way home. He did think it would take him a while to get home.

After about another hour I called him again and told him to not come home and stay with his friends at their house. Knowing that the power went out he said he was going to come home. I told him I'm fine, just tell me how to use the generator. (We... HE bought a generator after the hurricane. The power went out twice and our basement had three feet of water...TWICE. Hubs wanted to get the generator more for that reason. I did not want him to spend the money on it, I mean come on the power won't go out for that long again...BOY was I wrong). Anyway, I told him not to come home because he wouldn't be able to get to us.

Trees were falling everywhere. Two trees fell right outside our house. Two driveways down. When the trees fell it took some power lines down with it. The fire truck came and the men came out with a chainsaw. They walked to the tree and walked right back into their truck. Obviously they weren't going to use the chainsaw on the tree with the power line intertwined.

Hubs said he would come home and park in someone else's drive way. He said he would just knock on their door to make sure they didn't mind and then walk the rest of the way.

Two hours later the trees were removed...and he still wasn't home. It took him forever to get home.

The boys and I waited patiently for him. So happy they didn't know how nervous I was. I hate when he's out in this. I know he's a great driver in the snow... but others aren't.

Once he got home he started the generator. Oh boy was I thankful for that! It isn't hooked up to our entire house. I think it could be... I'm not sure. We pulled extension cords through the window and plugged a small electric fireplace in the hallway downstairs and a little heater in the boys room upstairs. With the two heaters we were able to keep the house warm enough ... that and two pairs of jams for the boys when they were down stairs (almost naked in bed...because of their heater).

All night long we heard tree branches snapping and falling. It was eerie.

Our power was out from Saturday 2:00pm to Wednesday 4:00pm. Being that we have well water we also didn't have any water from Saturday to Wednesday. Hubs did a lot of behind the tree outings.

I think us not having power was the biggest reason I didn't go outside to take pictures on Sunday. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get warm when I got inside.

Thanks hubby for the generator!!

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