Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Present

Hubs gave me a homemade birthday present this year.  Very thoughtful right.... just wait until you hear the story :) 

A while back ago he stayed up late and watched a movie.  The main character in the movie was a rugged guy... he had on what Hubs called an awesome watch.  The next day Hubs decided to do a little bit of research.  He searched the movie and some how came across close ups of the watch.  He found out the watch was made out of paracord.  He then searched paracord and found different places to purchase it and different tutorials on how to 'knot' it.  After ordering the cord, clips, and going out to buy watches he got to work.  

On my birthday he gave me my present.  It was a white watch face with hot pink numbers and white pleather bands.  He told me that he was going to make me a watch.  

I don't want to sound like a jerk (because it is very sweet) but this isn't a birthday present for me... it's a present for him :)  Which is TOTALLY OK!  because he got me the WORLDS BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!  He could have saved some for 4 days later to give me one on my birthday but he didn't want to.  He was too excited about them and knew I would be too.  

After we got back from my birthday celebration Hubs sat down on his chair turned on the tv and got to work.  He got a bit frustrated.  He took 5 tries to do mine.  He kept making it just a bit too short or too long.  He gave up on mine and decided to make his.  After making his he decided to try mine again.  We talked about the 'knot' that he originally chose for me and decided that we needed to find a different one.  The 'knot' he chose for me was the same one he did for him.  It was just too wide for my wrist.  The watch face he got me is HUGE.  It goes from one side of my wrist to the other that when he put the thick 'knot' on it I just couldn't move my hand anymore haha.  We found a thinner 'knot' and after 1 more try he got it perfect. 

 Here's Hubs watch.  I LOVE his 'knot'.  That was the band I actually wanted, it just didn't work for me.


Here our watched together.  Didn't he do such a nice job!

Now Hubs is sitting on his chair making paracord bracelets.  He is going on a mission trip to Haiti soon and he thought it would be fun to bring the bracelets to hand out to the other workers and the people he comes across.  I think he's a little crazy to do it, but it's very thoughtful! 

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  1. A sweet idea and the watch is pink, your favorite color!