Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Sick Sweet Loves

 These two beautiful boys have been sick for WAY entirely TOO LONG!

I have trotted them back and forth to the doctor 3 times in the last 4 weeks and have also made a few phone calls to the doctor.  I feel like a silly Mama, but 4 weeks is a LONG TIME!  Each time I go the doctor tells me they have a cold.  He said that they will most likely have a cold all winter.  He said it won't be the same cold the entire winter.  He said they will seem to be better for a day or two and then be 'sick' again.  

I understand colds.  Ok, a runny nose, a little cough, and some laziness here and there... so I thought.

These boys colds are OUT OF CONTROL!  They have had 103.8 fevers off and on for the 4 weeks.  They have runny and then stuffy and then runny and then stuffy noses, blood shot eyes, and have coughed so hard and so long that their big little heads turn as red as a tomato and they throw up just a little gunk.  Which I guess the getting rid of the gunk is a good thing.

This is what we have been doing for the majority of the last 4 weeks.  These were all taken today, but non the less it's been our most common positions for some time now.

 Yes I have a thumb sucker... and a nail bitter.  They both normally only do it if they are super tired or not feeling well.  So I guess you can imagine how much biting and sucking has been going on here.

 G has a nice strawberry on his chin.  When they finally decide they can play a little they topple all over the place.  He was walking to his train table last night (just walking) and tripped over his own feet face first into the table.  His little tooth was bleeding and his chin turned red instantly.
 This is their movie of choice.  Cars.  Sometimes we will put in Cars 2 to change it up, but they seem to prefer the original.  I'm sick of both of them.  I have put on others but Cars will guarantee that my boys will not move for the entire duration of the movie.  Which means this tired 6 month pregnant Mama that's not sleeping at night because her sweet little love bugs keep waking up coughing and crying for her can lay down on the couch on top of their legs all tangled up in her lovey boys and 'nap' for 2 hours.
 Mac is their favorite character in the movie.  I think that's why they like the first one better than the second.  He only has a quick appearance in the 2nd.

Sometimes when we feel we can move off of the couch this is about as far as we make it.

Please pray for these handsome boys and this tired Mama!  I feel so bad that they are so miserable.  I wish there was more that I could do for them.

Tonight G had a fever of 104.  We quick stripped him down and put him in an 'ice' bath.  He loved every shivering second of it.  It was hard to seem him shiver in the sink (I have a huge awesome sink that I was able to put him in by himself) but he had so much fun playing with the measuring cups and running water.

While G was in the sink, M kept asking for a bath.  This is the first time he hasn't had a temp in a few days.  So when G was done, I change the water so that it was nice and warm.  He also had fun using the measuring cups.

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