Sunday, January 1, 2012

M & J Senior Pictures (more)

A couple of days ago I posted my twin brothers Senior pictures.  When I was looking at them I saw so many of M that I loved, but not many of J that were thrilling.  After looking at them with my mom we decided that J just looked exhausted and sick.  My mom wanted me to take J's pictures again.  She decided that since I was taking J's again I should take M along and get some more of him too.  

I told you in the previous post that M & J HATE having their pictures taken and are not very patient with it.  I also said that the boys did amazingly well and never complained once that I was taking their picture or complained when I told them where to go, how to sit, etc... they actually even had their own ideas about different back grounds.

This trip was the complete opposite.  :(  Neither one of them had any desire to do it again.  J wasn't so bad (at first).  He knew that he didn't love any of the previous ones so he really wanted a decent one, but after a little bit he said that we were done.  

Hubs came along with this time and we left the wee ones at home with Grandma.  Since Hubs was with me we went back to the previous place but then hiked to another place that I would not have gone to if my mom was there instead.  

Having Hubs was great... and also HORRIBLE.  haha.  He is such a little kid.  When he is with any of my brothers it's like he is 2.  He loves to have fun with them.  A little too much fun at times.  They (we) had a blast.  

Most of the pictures are of J.  There are some random ones of M, but M was happy with his other ones that he wouldn't necessarily 'pose' for any today.  

The above pictures were taken at an abandoned train restaurant.  We took pictures there for their last shoot too.  We even went in it just a little bit (I was chicken and didn't want to go in very far).  I went in a little further this time.  I want to buy the place.  It is so cute.  It's still all done up.  You would never know how much mouse/rat poop was all over and that the tables were completely covered in a super thick layer of dirt/dust by looking at this picture.

When we were done using the train as our backdrop we went behind it to the river.

 Here's a little grouping of M.

After the river being our backdrop we just switched positions so that I had my back to the river and they now had their back to the woods.

While I was taking pictures of J Hubs and M were playing in the river.  Next to Hubs was a tree with a hole in it.  M is a bit of a scaredy just like me.  Hubs told M to look in the hole and then he yelled like something was in there.  M screamed like a little girl.  Here are the boys all at the tree... M scowling at what Hubs just did.

When we were done with that we got back into the car and went to a neat bridge with a bunch of graffiti that I saw on my birthday when we were driving out to PA.

 I would have loved to do this picture again and have M a little closer, not so that he was in focus but so  you could at least tell it was him... but he wouldn't come any closer.  He said that they didn't want any stupid twin pictures.  I just laughed...because I take silly twin pictures all the time of my boys.

Hubs saw this little quote on the bridge and told the boys that they MUST have their picture taken with it.

I had fun taking their pictures.  I am just glad that I don't have to choose the one they go with :)

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  1. What great pictures. I loved the backgrounds with the graffiti! Good looking boys! Especially the one that wasn't a twin!