Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hubs Craft


See this goofball.  This guy is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!  I know I use to tell people that the dog is the love of my life... that changed BIG TIME when M & G came.  Now I tell people that M & G are the love of my life, and included in that is the little jumping bean.  In all honesty, the above man is the most wonderful, caring, generous, goofy, loving person I've ever met.  We were blessed the past 10 days to have him home with us.  His office was closed last week and all employees had to take mandatory vacation days if they wanted to get paid.  As gross as that is... it was so so so incredibly nice having him around at any given time (especially since the boys have been sick).  

He was busy during his whole break.  On Monday he decided he wanted to veg.  We played with the boys, watched tv during the boys nap, and did a lot of nothing.  The house work piled up, but that was ok because we don't often get to do nothing together.  On Tuesday he took a bunch of high school students (including my twin brothers) and my older brother trap shooting.  They had a blast.  On Wednesday he went outside and worked on his truck.  He took the 2 gas tanks off and figured out what parts he needs and did some other stuff that I'm sure he told me about but went in one ear and out the other, then went to Youth Group.  On Thursday (my birthday) we had a family day out.  On Friday we went food shopping together.  On Saturday he played with his truck some more.  Even though he wasn't 'home' I was easily able to open the back door, yell for him, and he would come right in, wash his hands, and help me with whatever I needed.  On Sunday we went to church (which was so nice to do as a family.  There are many Sundays that he goes without the boys and myself due to someone being sick or some other 'excuse').  After church we came home and were lazy together during the babes nap until my brothers came over.  Again house work piled, but I knew I could get it done when he goes back to work.  Why waste any of the time I have with this man.  That is when Hubs, my twin brothers, and myself went and explored and did a little photo shoot.  When we got home my older brother was here and the babes woke up from their nap.  We went to the park to take some family photos but once we were set up it started to rain.  We got back home and had a nice family dinner together.  Yesterday Hubs and I had the chance to go shopping by ourselves for his upcoming trip to Haiti.  My mom happened to stop by as we were getting the boys ready to go out (she needed to use our internet and printer).  She offered to stay with them so we could go alone.  We were able to make 5 stops and not have to worry about getting the boys in and out of the car.  We also were able to lallygag through Walmart (we took way too long... but we could).  I enjoyed every single one of those days!  Now he is back at work and I am lonely.  I can't wait until 7:30 so I can see his handsome face again.  

Last night Hubs enjoyed his crafting time with his paracord.  He even got me doing it with him.  He asked if I would help him make bracelets for his trip.  I have no idea why he got the idea in his head that he wanted to bring bracelets with him.  Beside it being sweet... maybe because he had so much cord left over after making our watches?  

Hubs had pre measured out the length of the cord and then attached the clips while I made the bracelets.  He began to get frustrated that I was done with one before he could even get the clip connected to the next pre measured cord.  I said to him, Honey, I'm a girl... I made friendship bracelets for probably 10 years straight.  This is nothing new to me.  He was happy that I was helping but I think he got a little sad that I was so much faster than him.  Especially since he spent so much time making our watches and getting them perfect.  He reminded me that this was much easier and faster than the watches.  :)  (It is ... to do the watches took a long time because of how you have to weave the cord behind the watch face.  He had to use pliers to feed it through). 

Here are the 25 24 bracelets we got done last night (the 25th is on his wrist).  

We finished up all of the pink cord.  There is still a lot of black left but before we make anymore black Hubs wants to make a belt for himself for his trip.  Actually he asked if I could make it.  :)  We also have a spool of camo green and a spool of grey.  So I am sure we will be busy this week making some more bracelets.

I have to give him props though :)  I have no idea how to get the clips on or start or finish them.  He got them all ready I just did the length, and then he finished them off.  I was happy that I was able to help him.

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