Friday, August 10, 2012

Catch Up

Since the move and the wedding we have been pretty lazy.  I have been trying to catch up on some sleep... with no luck of course.  The Bigs were sick for 3 days with a 104.something fever and then had a lovely case of hives.  We have been hanging around the house watching movies.  We go outside for 10-20 minute stretches here and there, but the bulk of our time is spent snuggling on the couch.

We are actually living like only 5 minutes from Hubs older brother and his family.  We have seen each other here and there but haven't actually been able to hang out.  Their kids had the fever first so we stayed away and then ours got it so we still stayed away haha.  Now that all fevers and most hives are gone we decided to hang out some.  

Hubs brother called to invite us over.  Hubs said it was just for manual labor.  His family was husking and preparing corn.  I didn't get a picture of us (them - I just held L) husking and cutting the corn.  When we pulled up I laughed out loud.  Hubs was like what?  I just shook my head.  He said, what, this is what we did every summer.  This is just all so new to me :)

We had fun outside.  The adults were sitting in a circle around the corn.  Well my SIL was standing cutting the corn off the cob.  Anyway, and the kids were playing on the play set and different bike type things.  When we were all done outside we went inside to play some more.  

I always wait too long to pull my camera out.  The Bigs and their 4 cousins were all downstairs playing so nicely with the toys while the adults were upstairs visiting.  It was pretty strange for me because I never let my boys out of my sight.  My sweet niece made it pretty comfortable for me.  She would come tell me if anything 'bad' was happening.  She even spent some time with L (above) so I could go and snoop in her mommy's sewing room.  

The only way to get my Bigs to smile is to say, "Don't smile, no don't do it!".  My niece took it seriously :)

The above were all of M.

G was pretty tired from all the play.  He laid on the floor with L for a little bit. 

And spent some time with his cousin E.

It is so hard to get a decent picture of this kid.  He NEVER stays still for even a second.

I'm trying not to turn on the tv as much now that everyone is healthy, but sadly it is just so much easier when L is crying and I have to hold him.  The Bigs are finally getting sick of me holding L.  Now that he is feeling better I will start some sleep training... but part of me thinks not now since we won't be staying here for too too much longer.

I tried to encourage the boys to play with their big blocks.  We never had these blocks out at our house because our house was too small.  It's pretty crazy to think that our house fits in the basement of my in-laws.  Since there is room the blocks are out and ready to be played with.  

We even had a dance party and then when we were all worn out read a book.  

Right when I was getting ready to put them down for a nap Grandpa came home with a fun toy...

Daddy & M

 Daddy & G

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