Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Hubs little brother and high school sweetheart got married this past Friday.  Hubs and I were so excited that we were able to share so many of the festivities with them.  When they first told us their wedding date we were sad that we would only be able to be here for the big day and then have to go back to NJ.  Since we decided to move we actually planned around the wedding.  We knew that we wanted to be here to celebrate with them and not have to come and go quickly (which was part of the reason for such a fast move).

I had the pleasure of wearing many hats during the day.  I got to be (semi) photographer, baker, mommy, and wife.

Little brother's beautiful wife allowed me to tag along her side all day to take as many pictures as I wanted.

See there I am :)  Grandma (Hubs mom) snuggled L during the morning so I didn't have to wear him while trying to take photos) and Taita (my mom) played with M & G back at the house until their arrival to the church.  

After getting her hair done we went back to her parents house and finished getting ready.  While she was putting on her make up I took pictures of all her beautiful accessories... and her too of course.  

She had the most beautiful bouquet.  It reminded me some of mine, but mine had some hot pink roses too and a touch of blue.  

Hand made garter. 

I loved that she and her mom got ready next to each other. 

I wish I could say I got her dad thinking about the days festivities ... but I made him go outside and 'pose'.  

She glittered the bottom of her shoes... too cute. 

The groom waiting for the big reveal.  

He was waiting for her to come down the back stairs for their first look. 

Is she coming yet?

Personally I am so glad that I didn't see my Hubs until I was walking down the isle, but the way they did their first look was pretty special.  He was looking out towards the water while she was walking down the stairs from the back of the house.  Some of her family and friends were watching from the top deck.  Once she was all ready and her girls got her dress all straightened out she walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.  

When he turned around it was instant hug.  I don't know if they even looked at each other before the hug.  They were both SO excited that they were 'finally' getting married.  

The real photographer was scheduled to arrive for the first look.  So I just hung back and put my big lens on my camera so I could pretend that I was still right there up close and personal.   

The second hat I wore was baker.  They asked me if I would make all the cupcakes (300) and a wedding cake for them to cut and serve each other.

I decided to do a 2 layer cake even though that's not what she asked for.  I wanted them to be able to have the top layer frozen for their 1 year anniversary.

Her mom made this banner... and OH I wanted to steal it!!

They didn't have a photographer at the reception so I did my best to take some pictures for them.

First dance as husband and wife.

Father - daughter dance.

Mother - son dance.

Their band was AWESOME!!  So much fun!

I can't believe I got a single non-blurry picture of the two of them.  She was so giddy and having so much fun that she did not seem to stop moving for even a second.

They were so nice to each other when feeding the cake... and then comes along Hubs saying they did it all wrong and they have to do it again...

Hubs did say... don't ruin her makeup just a dab on the nose with do you :) he remembered well from our wedding 8 years ago... I told him he could smash me with cake...AS long as it doesn't ruin my makeup or get on my dress... aka.. dab on the nose haha

Little man did such a good job.  He surprisingly slept through most of it.  The bigs went home with my mom after dinner and didn't get to enjoy the dance... we would have loved them to, but they were exhausted.

I wish I got a picture of the boys.  They all looked SO cute.  They were wearing the cutest bow ties that I made them.  The bigs wouldn't even stand still for a garbage picture so I didn't even try.

This was the sweetest thing.  On the left are pictures of her parents and both sets of grandparents, on the right are his parents and grandparents wedding photos.

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