Thursday, August 16, 2012

Corn Husking

I posted last week about going to Hubs brothers and helping them husk corn.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the crew out there.  That's okay though because apparently we weren't done husking.  

Earlier this week Grandpa came home with a truck load of corn for us to help prepare.  M and G jumped at the change to go outside with Grandpa.  Mama had to put L to bed and Daddy was working.   I was able to give Daddy L for 2 minutes so I could run outside and take some pictures.  

M in camo.  G in grey.  

I was so impressed with how the were able to actually get to the corn. 

I thought they would have given up (gotten bored) much sooner than they did.

After a little bit they got down from the truck and played until it was their nap time.  Once nap time rolled around Hubs and I went out to continue to help husk.  I got to leave during the process because I went house/apartment shopping.  

Sadly we haven't found anything yet.  I should really post about what's going on with Hubs job hunt and our dwelling hunt... maybe soon!  

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