Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lake Sleepover

This weekend we got to experience our first lake sleepover.  In a previous post I told you how Hubs Grandfather has a lake cottage that the family gets to have the privilege of sharing.  Every Sunday the cottage is open for all of the family.  During the week the cottage is on a 3 day rotation.  This Thursday, Friday, Saturday was Hubs parents turn.  They invited all of their children and their children to spend time at the lake.  That's 21 of us!  Everyone decided that they would arrive to the cottage sometime on Friday and sleep over.  The cottage has 3 bedrooms, 2 on the main floor and a loft with one.  

Hubs brother got a tent for his birthday last year and he and his family decided that they would try that out this weekend.  So the 6 of them slept outside.  Hubs sister and husband said they would like to sleep in the boat house.  There are 2 changing rooms in the boat house.  A girls changing room and a boys.  The 6 of them slept out there.  They put some kids in each changing room and they slept in the main area of the boat house.  Hubs little brother and wife slept in one of the beds up in the loft and his parents slept in another bed in the loft.  M & G slept in one of the main rooms and Hubs and I slept in the sunporch with L right next to the futon.      

Most of the family arrived to the cottage around noon.  We didn't arrive until closer to 3.  We wanted the boys to take and nap and weren't sure (knew they wouldn't) if we tried nap time at the lake.  We were a little nervous as to how the night would go too, so we wanted to make sure they were well rested.  We actually had to wake them up so that it wasn't too late before we got there.  

We spent Friday playing in the water, building sand castles, skipping rocks, and enjoying each others company.  That night there was a beautiful sunset.  

Hubs actually proposed to me just over 9 years ago at this same spot.  We watched the sun set while dangling our feet over the edge of the dock.  He waited for the sun to almost be completely set and then brought be to the beach where we stood just to the left of the dock you see there and he proposed.  I thought that it would be cute to have a picture of our family in the same spot.  Minus L because he was sleeping.  

Friday night went really well.  The boys took a little bit to fall asleep.  They opened the door and peeked out off and on for about an hour, but once they fell asleep they slept soundly until 7am.  L did really well also.  He only woke up 1x in the middle of the night.  I wish he would do that more often haha.  

On Saturday we woke up ate and began our full day on the beach.  The boys just love playing in the sand and the front edge of the lake.    

We even tried tubing.  G was a little apprehensive but decided he would try it.  

There's Daddy and G.

He didn't love it, but didn't hate it.

M's turn.  He was so excited.

While M was tubing G was very nervous that something would happen to M.

M and Daddy had a blast.  When I zoomed in on the pictures you could see the biggest smile on M's face.

G nervously watching while sitting on Uncle L's lap.

M had a blast!

Daddy's turn.  We actually had to stop the boat and move G from Uncle L's lap to Mommy's.  He was very distraught thinking Daddy was going to get hurt.  That and he doesn't like wind and I think the seat he was sitting at was a tad too windy for him.  I had to put my camera down to hold G, I wish I didn't have to.  Hubs had just a great run on the tube... and then a GREAT fall... talk about skipping rocks!

After seeing Daddy skip across the lake G wanted OUT!  We dropped him and Daddy off at the dock. He was not happy that M and I stayed on the boat.  This picture honestly makes me want to cry.  He was so nervous for the people he loves.

One of my 4 nephews.

The oldest of the g-babies.

Uncle L

Another nephew.   He was too cute.  Very cautious about the whole thing.

Uncle L went with another of the nephews that was a little too little to go alone.

We had such a nice time Friday night and Saturday that we decided that we would sleep over Saturday night too.  Hubs little brother and wife and his parents stayed with us.  The boys did a great job again.  Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and then played for just a little bit just before having to go home.

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  1. Great pictures. Everyone had such a good time tubing. I still can't believe that so many of the kids were on the tube all by themselves.