Tuesday, August 7, 2012

L is 13 & Now 14 Weeks

At 13 weeks my Nugget seemed to be doing so much better.  He had 5 days of what seemed to me being pain free.  It made me so happy.  He wasn't screaming during feedings anymore.  He happily ate and when he was full he actually smiled at me.  You know, the way a baby should.  He was actually content.  He even slept through the night 3 nights (10pm-7am).  I still kept him propped up on a pillow after feedings while he was playing for at least 10-20 minutes just to make sure that his little esophagus wasn't bothered by anything.  

His pain only seemed to be gone for about 5 days.  Friday evening, Saturday morning he was back to screaming, arching his back, pulling away from me, being stiff as a board, major spit ups, all while and right after eating.  I felt so bad for him.  I was wondering if I ate some hidden dairy.  I couldn't figure out why just right after he finally seemed better he was back to being in so much pain.  

I gave it a few days (probably more than I should have) and called his pediatrician on Thursday.  He told me to change the dosage of his Zantac.  We went from .5ml 2x a day to .75ml 3x a day.  He did not seem any better Friday, Saturday, or most of Sunday.  Hubs had to remind me that we were told the medicine might be helping but his little esophagus will take some time to heal and it would take a little bit before he feels any better.  Monday came and he seemed to be a little bit better.  He wasn't screaming through each feeding anymore.  

Hubs and I decided that I was going to do an elimination diet.  Give up all of the possible food allergens for 2 weeks and slowly reintroduce them to see if he has an intolerance to anything.  After talking to a friend who has a dairy allergy and has done the elimination diet I change the way I was going to go about it.  I changed my mind for a few reasons.  Anyway, we decided that since I have been dairy free for 6 weeks and have seen no change in L's pain that I should have a glass of milk with dinner.  

I was so excited and nervous.  Sadly it wasn't as delicious as I remember and I LOVED milk!  I was really nervous for what could happen in the 4 to 24 hours that it would take to see if L has a dairy intolerance.  ....

There seemed to be NO change in his pain whatsoever (except for the continuing healing of his esophagus from the meds... meaning fighting me less and less during feedings).  He doesn't seemed bothered by me intaking dairy at all.   

I waited the full 24 hours to see if there were any signs of L having a sensitivity to dairy before intaking any more dairy myself. 

For dinner tonight Hubs made me a delicious Hawaiian pizza.  Tomorrow I will probably just have another glass of milk with dinner, or maybe yogurt... but I don't really want to have dairy sooner than 24 hours... I don't want to go crazy :)  

Tummy time with Elephant

I've decided that I will wait until closer to the end of this week before giving up another high allergen food.  I want to see if the new dosage of reflux medicine completely changes him.  I'm hoping it does :)

* I want to explain to those of you that think I'm crazy, or that I just don't know how to handle a fussy or colicky baby.  I don't consider L to be either of those.  In fact he is quite happy!  EXCEPT when I'm feeding him and for up to 30 minutes after.  I don't mind crying.  Of course I don't want him to cry, no parent wants their babe to cry.  What bothers me is when I see my son in pain.  Which I know it would bother you to see your child in pain.  I get a lot of eye rolls when I tell people I'm going to give up this or that in my diet.  If me giving some sort of food up makes my son more comfortable, well then heck yea I will give it up!  I don't want him to have a food sensitivity because yes I am selfish and want to continue to eat what I want when I want. :) I really hope that the reflux medicine is all he needs.  Once our health insurance is finalized (soon I hope) I will be taking him to a GI doctor to confirm my peds diagnosis and for him to either agree with the meds or prescribe something that is better suited for L.

I do appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts.  We have had a crazy 3 months.  I am really looking forward to my Nugget being more comfortable during one of the happiest times of a babes day... feeding time, and hoping that once he starts taking full feedings we can sleep a little bit more at night... because Mama's TIRED!

I was going to fill you in on some of M and G's info but I think this post is long enough :)  hopefully tomorrow.

Oh and I figured out how to save my pictures for the web so they shouldn't be pixely anymore.  YEAH :)

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