Saturday, August 4, 2012

L's Baptism

Better late than never.  L was baptized in June.  We wanted to do it before we moved and Hubs mom was coming out to meet L and help with the Bigs, so we thought what better time to have him baptized.  

L and his godmother. 

L and Taita (my mom... one of the Lebanese ways to say Grandma).

Poor L was so uncomfortable that day and cried the entire baptism.  I wasn't surprised since that has been his thing since he was 2 weeks old... but it was a little embarrassing and sad because I have NO idea what the pastor said :/  

M & G... Taita gave them cars to play with during the service so they began to vroom too loudly haha.  

L and his godparents. 

This was the best we could do of a family picture.

L and Grandpa

L and Grandma

L and some of his uncles.  My brothers.

G and his Grandma

Poor L was done taking pictures.  Actually he had a cross necklace on and it twisted a bit much... I think that made him even more irritable.  

After church we invited some family and friends over for a little celebration

I made chocolate cake and chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry cookies.  

For lunch I made chicken salad sandwiches, ham and turkey wraps, fruit cups, pasta salad.

It was such a beautiful day.

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