Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We had such a long drive to get to Minnesota. Like I said I was so happy to have the treat bags I made the boys.

We started our drive a few hours later than we had planned. We piled in the car and were on the road by 10:00pm. The boys fell asleep pretty quickly and slept the entire night. A few little sounds from them while they were trying to roll over and realized they couldn't. I felt so bad for them. They both move around a bit in their sleep so I'm sure it wasn't comfortable to be strapped into the car seats for 10 hours.

The boys started waking up around 8:00am. I was in the back seat talking to them and rubbing their heads good morning. Thankfully they woke up happily. I gave them their 'no spill' cups of cheerios while we waited to stop for our first break. They had a blast trying to figure out how to get their cheerios out of the cups.

At around 8:30am we stopped for a break. We all needed to get out and stretch our legs, but most of all we wanted the boys to run around a bit before we made them sit in the car any longer.

We let the boys run around the truck stop a bunch before we decided to gather them up and feed them some breakfast.

M eating his blueberry bagel and drinking his milk. Every time the boys saw a truck they would yell "TRUCK, TRUCK". I thought it would be fun to get a picture in front of all the trucks at the truck stop.

After our first stop we piled back into the car. At this time I 'hid' in the back seat so the boys couldn't see me. I was hoping that if I hid they would fall asleep for their morning nap and give us another 3 hours of straight driving. They did :)

After they woke up we continued to drive for about an hour. I gave them some of their treats from the treat bags.

M playing with his Magna Doodle.G playing with his Magna Doodle.
M playing with his Shake Shake Bottle.
G playing with his Shake Shake Bottle.

A little while later we stopped for lunch. In the back of the stop there was a huge hill. We decided to take the boys for a walk to the top of the hill. They did amazing climbing the hill. When we got to the top we were so excited to see that it was flat. They boys ran around and played for a bit.

On our way back to the car I got a cute picture of Daddy with his boys.

When we got back into the car I thought I would try to 'hide' again. M fell asleep but G was having a hard time because the sun was in his eyes. After some propping of a pillow and caressing of the head G fell fast asleep too.

Honestly I don't remember the rest of the drive. I can't even remember if we stopped for dinner. Hubs so graciously reminded me we did not stop for dinner. We (I) fed the boys snack.

When they woke up from their afternoon nap I gave them the cars from their treat bags. When they were done playing with them I decided to take out the noise making books before it got too dark to look at them. They loved pushing the buttons on the books.

I was so impressed with them. They were happy the entire time they were awake. We were about 20 minutes away and they finally decided they were DONE! They just wanted Mommy to touch them. I was having a hard time touching them both at the same time. It was cute. As long and my hand was on them they were happy.

We got to Grandma and Grandpa's (hubs parents) house at maybe 11:00pm. We let the boys explore their house. More than I wanted at the time. I myself was ready for bed and figured the boys could explore in the morning, but Grandma and Grandpa were having too much fun showing them all the toys that they have.

When we finally got them changed and in bed they cried for about 2 minutes. We shared a room with them so I think they just cried because I was in the room too. Hubs wanted to shower to get the road grime off and I just plopped into bed.

We were thrilled that when we looked at the clock in the morning after the boys woke up it was 9:00am.

Thanks boys for making our drive so pleasant!!! Muah!

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  1. WOW!! You are so brave - and your boys were SO good. I can hardly go 15 minutes with G in the car! Way to go!!