Friday, September 9, 2011

Hair Cut...

NO the boys did not have their first hair cut. I mean COME ON! They still don't have any hair. Well they have a little, but not enough to cut.

Many of you know or at least know of my first born. I sadly don't care for her as much anymore. I really try to still show her love, but she makes it SO difficult.


This big fluff ball really needed a hair cut. We don't often take her to the groomer. It costs SO much money and every time I go they give me a lashing about how she should be there more often, blaa blaa bla. I feel so guilty that I don't take her more often but I just don't want to spend the money.

So normally I cut her myself and then the next time she needs to be cut I bring her to the groomer. Fair trade? Not really, even though I do bring her to the groomer once in awhile, I still wait too long in between hair cuts.

This isn't all of the hair. The clipper was getting really hot so I decided to give my hand and her body a little break. I cleaned this pile up before starting again.

My lil girl is bald now. I can never completely finish her hair cut on my own. I always need Hubs help to cut her nails and cut the fur in between her paws. I did pretty good getting most the hair in between, but I will clean it up a little more when he is home and can hold her butt still.

Well now that I spent the boys 2 hour nap grooming their sister it's time to go get my afternoon hugs.

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