Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today I celebrated my first day in my last year of 20s.  I can't believe I am 29 today.  I still feel like I'm 17.  When I get a chance to go out by myself and I look for my car in the parking lot I laugh.  I look for a minivan.  I feel like my parents let me take the car out for the night.  I guess today, turning 29, proves that it ain't no parents car... wait yes it it... I'm the parent.  YIKES!

My mom is home for a little while and offered to watch M&G so Hubs and I could go out to dinner. As nice as that was I had my heart set on spending the entire day with my 3 gorgeous boys.  After the babes nap we ate lunch and got ready to go out.

We packed in the car and drove to a place in PA called Peddlers Village.  It's an area with boutiques and at this time of year beautiful Christmas lights.  There is a kids area with an indoor carousel, arcade, foam play area, and toddler play place.  

We got out of the car and Hubs and the boys started walking to the Giggleberry building.  I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures with the building in the background and my 3 handsome boys 'running' to the building.  I snapped 3 pictures and then looked at the screen to see what I got.... NO CARD is what the screen said.  I can't believe that after unloading my brothers senior pictures yesterday I never put my memory card back in my camera.  (If I had my 'old' camera bag it wouldn't have mattered, I have 2 small cards in there that would have be good enough).  O'well.  It was actually nice not having to try to grab my camera here and there... but it was sad not to get pictures of them on their first carousel ride or in the play area.

After our 2 hour play time we bundled the boys up and headed outside to see the Christmas lights.  We brought along the boys new wagon for them to ride along.  They loved being in their wagon.  They were bundled in layer after layer, a jacket, hat, mittens, and two soft warm fleece blankets were piled on top of them.

It was so sweet watching the boys look at all of the lights.  They really enjoyed their wagon ride.

After an hour of walking we piled back into the car.  (We were going to eat there but the line was so long).  We drove about 10 minutes to a really pretty diner.  On our way home Hubs stopped at a gas station and picked up little coffee drinks and a box cake.

After dinner we ventured home, changed into jams and put the boys to bed.   When we came downstairs Hubs cut us some cake and sang Happy Birthday to me.

It might not sound extravagant, but I had SUCH a wonderful birthday!  A great way to start my last year in my 20s.

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