Thursday, March 1, 2012

31 Weeks!

I'm just rambling here...

I have 9 weeks tops until this little jumping bean is born.

Which broken down means, Hubs and I have 9 days to get prepared.  Huh? you ask.

Well, we can only work together on weekends.  He gets home too late during the week to do anything together to get ready at night.  SO, 18 days (9 weekends), BUT we never get anything done on Sundays because we don't get home from church and errand running until 2 or after.  Then we lay the boys down put away the groceries and before we know it, it's 3:30 and the boys are waking up.  We can't get any projects done when the boys are awake (and I wouldn't want to take Daddy away from the boys at all on the weekend, it's just not fair since that's the only time they see each other).

Which means we only have Saturdays.  So we only have 9 days.  We have to subtract 1 of those days for the boys birthday party.  SO 8 days!!  Technically I think we have to subtract this coming Saturday too.  I need to get 'ready' for the boys party and get 'ready' for Hubs rents to visit.  BUT the bulk of getting ready for the in-laws is finishing getting the what's going to be the nursery cleared out.  So I guess we can still say 8 days because getting the nursery cleared out is something on my to do list before the bean comes.

I think the boys are really starting to get excited that Baby Brother will be here soon.  They have me draw him for them on their MagnaDoodles.  I ask them what BB is going to say when he comes, and the go, Whaa (however you spell the crying sound)!

The other day I put the boys in their seats for lunch.  I was leaning over G to give M something and G grabbed my belly and hugged it while saying Baby Brother I love you.  He then proceeded to bare my belly and give it kisses.  How sweet is that!

M is funny when I bare my belly.  He will give BB kisses and say I love you, but the second he is done he pulls at my shirt and says CLOSE.  He doesn't want my shirt lifted more than it has to be, and YES it has to be every once in awhile.

I love those boys.  They are going to be such great big brothers!

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