Thursday, March 22, 2012

G is 2!


Couple weeks old.

One year old. 

Two years old. 

snuggly, relaxed, energetic, happy!, carefree, lovey, content, silly, fun, loud, vibrant, talkative, confident, lively,  smart, 

G knows most of his dinner and bedtime prayer.  When he goes to bed he always asks Mommy to sing Jesus (Jesus Loves Me).  G happily sings along.  If Mommy decides to sing something and G doesn't want me to, he will say, "No Mommy sing...." and will repeat what I just sang.  

G loves the slide and has no fear in what he does.  When we are at a play place or a park I will say, up the stairs, down the slide (Hubs says I'm the playground police... I guess that's what happens when you are a teacher and have to keep recess orderly haha).  G will go up the stairs and try many different ways to come down the slide.  

G knows names to soooo many different trucks...  dump truck, bull dozer, semi truck, tractor, sanitation truck, steam shovel, excavator, crane, car carrier, bus, demolition truck, fire truck, ambulance, police car... I'm sure I am missing some.  

G counts from 1-13.  He can fill in missing letters of the alphabet when I recite it and pause for him.

If he is talking to you and you don't respond quick enough for him he quickly repeats himself in his super loud big boy voice.  I am always shocked at how loud his voice is.  You are lucky to be heard if he is speaking.  G always wants to be in the conversation.  If Mommy and Daddy are talking in the car, G will call up and make sure he is part of the conversation.  When he meets people out and about he makes sure to say "Hi, how are you?".  The tone of his voice and the inflection is just so perfect!  

G is 29 pounds and 36 1/4 inches tall.  He is average for his weight and above average for his height.  He is so strong and solid, you can really tell this when you pick him up.  He is started to get some meat on his arms.  Not baby pudge (not that he really ever had that) but kid meat.    

A little 'private' message from Mommy to G-
Goo I love you so much!  You really know how to put a smile on mommy's face.  Every morning when I walk into your room the greeting you give me just warms my heart!  "MOOorNing MOMMY!"  and always such a big squeeze.  I love that you are so happy to see me, even if I just walk out of the room for a second, when I come back you get so excited.  I love that some how you are timid in your loudness.  

I love this picture of him.  G is watching Daddy open a brand new package of bubbles.  He is so patient at times.  As long as he can be part of the process he doesn't normally care how long it takes.  Now, if Mommy or Daddy went into the other room to open the bubbles and he couldn't watch... patience would be his thing at that moment. 

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  1. He looks so grown up in that last picture! Don't you just want to stop time sometimes?