Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful Day

Apparently everyone has been a bit sick in our house hold.  

It started with me on Thursday.  I was just so incredibly tired.  I absolutely did not think I was 'sick'.  Of course I'm tired.  I'm 8+ months pregnant, chase after 2 two year olds, and just threw a birthday party and had my in-laws over for a long weekend.  

On Friday I took the boys to their 2 year well check (more to come on that soon) by myself and come Friday afternoon I scared myself thinking I was going to go into labor.  NOT COOL!  I never went into labor with the boys so I have no idea what to expect.  I was feeling extremely crampy, nauseous, and more than uncomfortable.  

Come Saturday I was still all alone with the boys and still felt horrible.  During the day (TMI) the boys had a bunch of 'soup poops'.  Saturday night M had an explosion of 'soup' while he was sleeping.  I didn't think much of their 'soup' because they were both eating and playing happily.   

Sunday morning I decided I must have been fighting the stomach bug that everyone else around here has had and was pretty sure the boys must have it now.  All day Sunday G had explosions and sat on the potty like a big boy in front of the tv just so that I didn't have to go through a bizillion diapers.  In the middle of the night G had a sleeping explosion and when I changed him his belly button was all red.  I thought that his tummy must have been hurting him and he was pushing/scratching it.  I put some lotion on it to keep it from getting irritated from him touching it.  An hour or so later the poor babe 'made a mess from his mouth' as he put it.  When I changed his clothes he had rashes all over his body.

When G woke up in the morning he still had the rashes all over so I decided to make an appointment with the doctor.  I wasn't worried about the stomach bug, I just wasn't thrilled with the rash.  Even though I didn't think it was, it looked like Chicken Pox.  So off we went to another doctors appointment with Mommy and the boys.  TIRING!!  

Anyway.. Daddy called early afternoon saying his belly hurt and that he was going to come home early.  Yea and Blaa!  I don't LOVE when he comes home early not feeling well.  I get so excited thinking he's going to be able to 'help' me, but then I remember he doesn't feel well.  Uh duh... what about me those 3 days you weren't around... hmm.. (opps did that come out)  :)  He does normally try to help even when he doesn't feel well, I just feel guilty relying on him during those times.  

Daddy did decide he could take a little bit of time to come outside with us.  Which made us ALL SO HAPPY!  

In some of the pictures you can see spray bottles in the boys hands.  I have one spray bottle for when I make my royal icing for cookies and the other bottle I bought to spray the boys bums so I didn't have to wet my cloth wipes anymore.  I haven't actually done that yet.  I've used it to cut their hair and used it to spritz their hair before brushing it twice.

Yesterday G found the bottle on the floor (I left it there after spritzing their hair before church) and he tried so hard to get it to work.  His Uncle helped him figure it out and he had a blast.  Of course the bottle was still on the floor today :/  He picked it up and sprayed M with it.  I was in the other room but Daddy was watching and I could hear the shrills of delight.  Daddy ended up taking it away after a minute because they were making a mess.  G came to the kitchen gate and said, Mommy me's need a towel.  I gave him a towel and the cute little kid wiped up all the water he sprayed.  He did all of this on his own accord.  How thoughtful!

I decided that we could take these outside so they could spray away without worrying about puddles in the house.

M found 'ew bugs' and pointed them out to everyone.

Daddy hid behind the tree to 'scare' the boys.

M is trying to spray the 'ew bugs'.

The boys LOVE when they hear airplanes.  They always stop and look for it.

G was excited to blow bubbles and was watching intensely as Daddy opened the new bottle.

Look at that smile on G.  It is so incredibly heart warming!

The boys had a blast chasing the bubbles.

They even were able to blow one or two on their own.

Then they began to try and eat the bubble stick and tried to drink from the bubble bottle.

This week is suppose to be beautiful and Hubs isn't suppose to be able to get home before late every night this week.  I'm so bummed.  I don't take the boys outside by myself anymore.  I physically can't take them to the park alone and I'm too terrified to take them out in our backyard alone.  I know, excuses, excuses.  Hopefully Hubs can sneak home a little early one more day this week... I doubt it but I can dream right :)

Hope you all had a beautiful day today too!

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  1. What fun you all were having outside. It was 72 degrees here today. I am glad you are feeling better,and thankful it was not labor. I hope Jon feels better too.
    We miss you!
    Grandma R