Thursday, March 29, 2012

Potty Training...NO!

In my opinion potty training is more difficult than changing and washing diapers.  Everyone A lot of people keep telling me I am crazy and that I need to potty train the boys before baby #3 arrives.

I have been saying NO.  There is no way I am going to do that to them (or myself).  I have tops 5 weeks before this little man is born.  Yes maybe I could potty train the boys in 5 weeks or less... but from what I hear they will most likely regress when baby brother comes.

I physically can't go up and down on the floor like I use to.  I can't 'run' to get another pair of underwear or the kid to the bathroom or the toilet to the kid.

For some reason I decided who cares!  I'm going to try!  I don't think they are ready at all.  They are showing some signs but really not at all.  They will go in the potty before and after bath.  They will go in the potty if I pull it out and sit their cute little bums on it.  BUT they don't tell me if they are wet.  They could have a soaked diaper and soaked pant bands and not tell me.  (Yes, sadly I let them get that wet sometimes).  They DO tell me if they do pee-u stink, but not always... just if it's annoying them.

Earlier this week I went to the store and bought some really cute underwear.  The boys were allowed to pick out what they wanted.  (Sorry I didn't take a picture of them).  They choose Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train.  I also bought 2 packages of Gerber Training Pants.

This morning I decided to pull out the potty's and leave them in the living room.

 And I put the boys in their big boy underwear.

 I think the underwear is so cute.  I love how skinny my boys are.  It cracks me up.  Their bums are SO BIG in their cloth diaper and so tiny in these underwear.

They wet through their underwear about every 5-10 minutes.  

I would make them sit on the potty for 5-10 minutes.  Maybe they would give me a little pee-pee, but normally not.  I put a new pair of underwear on them and they peed again.

Haha, I didn't last very long.  After about 3 underwear changes per boy in 30 minutes I said... ALL DONE!  Let's put on a diaper and eat breakfast.

I don't plan on trying again.  I know sad!  I will continue to put them on the potty before and after bath. I might even try it more often during the day, just so they get more and more comfortable on it.  BUT, I am not potty training!  Not while I am so incredibly pregnant.  Not while they aren't 'ready'.

I will let you know when we start again.  Hey, at least I have awesome underwear that is washed and ready to go for whenever they are.


  1. or you can do what my mom did (or so some of her girlfriends claim), set me down and don't let me get up for hours/days. I still have the ring on my butt to prove it! ha GPfox

  2. You'll know when they are ready because you will be done with wanting them in diapers. Potty training is more about mom being ready to train them than it is about them being ready. And if they don't "train" in 7 days then the best thing to do is stop and wait a month because it will be a control battle that they will win, since only they can control that function. You are so right, it is easier with diapers, especially being out and having a new little one on the way. Don't rush yourself if you don't have to. They will eventually get it :)

  3. I totally agree! My boys didn't potty train until they were over 3, but they always did! It really stressed out some people, and I did get a lot of comments. However, I'd done that battle with Silje, and I didn't want to do the battle again. It's a pain.

    So I waited until they were older and got it. I thought it was easier that way. I think if you think that sounds easier, than that's super.

    P.S. Not only will they regress when the new baby comes, but they'll say they have to go potty right when you sit down to nurse every time. Ask how I know. ;) Wait until you find your new normal as a family of 5 people, and then revisit.