Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm 30!  I can't believe I'm 30!  WOW!  

Hubs was away for my birthday this year.  He took a group of his youth group kids to NJ to help with Sandy relief (more on that soon).  I decided since Hubs wasn't going to be here I was going to spend the day alone with my boys.  Basically pretend it wasn't my birthday.  I wanted to stay in my pjs all day and do NOTHING!  The boys (all 3) haven't been sleeping very well at all.  I have been sleeping on the couch for the last two weeks since I've been getting up so much with each one.  

My mom decided to come over the night before my birthday.  I had originally asked her not to because she was doing two overnight shifts in a row at her job.  I didn't want a cranky mommy on my birthday... but mom always knows best.  I am so so so glad she came over.  

M & G only took an hour to go to sleep that night.  L went right to sleep.  M & G didn't wake up AT ALL during the night (first time in almost 2 weeks since they were sick) and L slept until 5am!!  That's unheard of for L.  I got up at 5am with L.  Fed him and tried to put him back to sleep.  He wanted to play.  This was the longest he's ever slept.  I let him cry for about 10 minutes to see if he would get over the whole wanting to be up thing.  I went back into my room to try to lay him down again.  He laid down pretty easily this time.  I decided to just climb into my bed instead of going back to the couch.  Right when I was just falling asleep I heard Mommy.  I jumped sky high.  The Bigs room is normally 'locked' so they can't come out.  I must not have pulled the door all the way closed before I went to bed.  I was surprised that L didn't wake up to my 'scream' from M startling me.  I rolled over in 'embarrassment' and jumped again.  G was right next to the side of my bed with his face almost in mine.

I made the Bigs climb into bed with me.  I was surprised with how willingly they snuggled me and with the fact that L was just laying in his crib next to my bed not crying.  After about 10 minutes my mom came in and took the Bigs.  I was SO mad.  They were snuggling me so nice.  BUT, let's face it, there's no way that would have lasted much longer, and remember, mom knows best.  That was at 6am.  L and I slept from then until 9am when M came back into the room and woke L up.  

My mom took L and told me she would bring him to me if he was hungry.  L lasted until 11am.  She brought him to me and said that he was beginning to get fussy and maybe I wanted to feed him.  

That's right ladies and gentlemen.  I slept from 10:30pm to 5:00am and then from 6:00am to 11:00am.  It was AMAZING!  

When Hubs called me in the afternoon and asked if I felt old I said NO I FEEL REFRESHED!      

My mom asked what I wanted for dinner and (get this) I said McDonald's.  Yup that's right!  I slept until 11:00am and wanted McDonald's for dinner.  This doesn't sound like a 30 year olds birthday, but more like a 15 year olds.

When she was gone the boys and I snuggled and watched a show.  This was all I wanted for my b-day present!

When she got back with dinner I asked her to take pictures of us snuggling.  Of course the second the camera came out the boys started moving around and weren't snuggly at all.

No, L did not eat McDonalds :)  Actually neither did M & G.  They both had a bite of their chicken and a bite of the cheeseburgers.  They haven't eaten much since being sick.  More fries for me :)

Hubs brother and wife wanted to make sure I was taken care of on my birthday so she made me my favorite cake.  Angel food with strawberries and whipped cream.  My mama asked me what kind of cake I wanted and I told her I didn't want my normal cake (because she made a pound cake and had strawberries and whipped cream for Christmas that I have been enjoying for 4 days in a row) that I wanted a white on white cake.

Score!  I got both!

15 candles in each.  Plus one for good luck.

We didn't know that almost all 30 candles were trick candles.  The boys and I were ready to pass out after trying to blow them out.  Look at all the smoke.

M was blowing so hard and climbing on the table to reach he fell into the one cake (just barely, but enough to get some icing on his face).

I had such a nice day with my boys and my mom.  I did exactly what I wanted to do, NOTHING.

Thanks Mama for spoiling me on my 30th!

Hubs came home on the 1st.  He brought home some goodies for us (for my birthday).

I have wanted to go to Carlo's Bake Shop for a long time now.  We never went.  Hubs took the group into NYC after a hard 3 days of working at the beach with Sandy relief.  They parked in Hoboken just 2 blocks away from the bakery.  The group decided to go in and get some treats.  Talk about an annoyed wife.  I 'yelled' at him!  Telling him that we lived in NJ for 8 years together and you never brought me....

He made up for it and brought home all of this and a t-shirt for me.

We split everything into fours BUT the strawberry cheesecake.  That was special for Mommy.


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