Wednesday, January 2, 2013

L is 8 Months

New Year's Day my little nugget turned 8 months.  I can't believe how fast his first year is going. 

He is so incredibly mobile.  He's not completely crawling but his army crawl gets him every where and gets him there quickly.  He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  I'm not sure if he's rocking back and forth to start crawling or start walking.  He pushes up on his feet instead of forward on his feet.  We call him our all terrain baby.  He 'crawls' and wiggles over everything, and trust me, the floor is often covered with everything.  Haha :)  He's even beginning to try to pull himself up.  

L is still swaddled for sleep.  We have tried several times to put him down unswaddled but he just screams.  All and all he takes great naps.  He's finally beginning to sleep a little better at night.  He goes to bed at 8, wakes up between 11 and 1 eats and then sleeps until 4-6 eats again and then sleeps until 7-9.  This whole getting up only 2x a night has been wonderful!  Hopefully soon he pushes that 4-6am feeding to 7am.  

My nugget is such a mama's boy.  I love that he loves me SO much!  The second I walk into a room he starts laughing.  If he hears my voice from another room he begins to whimper.  M & G were never like that.  I feel so special.  However, today when I had to do something that would have been easier to do without holding L I tried to give him to Hubs and L said absolutely not!  

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