Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Cards

I was determined to make my own Christmas card this year.  All of the photo places have great card setups but there was just no way we could afford to get 50 cards printed using one of their designs.  I had 40 free prints at Snapfish so my plan was to make my own card so I could use the 40 free prints and then spend only a few cents on the remaining 10 cards.   

I searched for different tutorials on how to make your own Christmas card using Photoshop.  

The winner was.... (which I hope most of you have received in the mail)

I made this one before the winner.  We really liked it, but we weren't fans of the holly on the picture.  Easy fix, make the holly smaller and move it down.  

This was the first card I made.  I was surprised that Hubs LOVED it!  I thought the colors were going to be too much for him.  He originally chose this one, but after looking at them all for days in a row he had a last minute change.  We decided to go with the simple one.  He liked the picture from the winner and it just didn't fit in this card the same way.

While I was searching for tutorials on how to make my own cards I came across a few pre-made ones.  This was my favorite one.   

Hubs liked it too, but he said we couldn't use that picture and non of our other pictures really worked in there.  After looking at it some more he decided he wasn't a fan of the tree anyway.

Neither one of us liked the next two very much.  I mean they are great cards, but not our style.

I should really pay more attention to where I find things online.  Sorry I don't have links for you.

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