Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

The other day G asked me if he could go outside.  I told him no, it's cold.  He asked again and I decided what the heck I will let them out back and I can stay inside, the yard is fenced, it'll be fine.  I told him that he had to wait until I put L to bed.  

I laid L down and then got the boys all dressed.  

Once they got outside they asked for their dump trucks and bulldozers.  I couldn't believe how long M sat in the snow and plowed.  G was more interested in eating the snow.  After M decided he was done (20 minutes or so - the sun was almost down) G said he wanted to stay out.  He wanted a turn with the bulldozer.  He lasted maybe another 2 minutes.  I told him next time he can use the bulldozer first.

Once we got inside I made them some hot chocolate and gave them a snow man cookie.  I sat them on the couch and covered them with two blankets.  They don't have waterproof gloves so their little hands were frozen.  Then we snuggled and watched a little bit of a movie.

They are just too cute!