Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Little Man is SO stinking cute!!

He knows it too!!

He has his own room now....  OUR room!  Some of you will shake your head at us (ME) for this... too bad!  Nugget has taken over our room.  AND I'VE ALLOWED IT!  Some of you might be thinking co-sleeping.  Nope!  That's not for me.. the couple of times I tried it I don't sleep.  Too scared I'm going to roll over the babe or push him out of bed.  There's barely enough room in our bed for the two of us I'm not inviting another in unless it's out of necessity... even then I really haven't.  

L has been sleeping in our room since he was born.  Well, I can't even say sleeping.  He only sleeps about an hour and a half at a time at night if I'm lucky.  

The week before Hubs went to NJ to do some Sandy relief (blog post coming soon!) I slept on the couch because the Bigs were sick.  When they are as sick as they were they wake. A. LOT.   Especially G.  Every time they cried or yelled or coughed over the monitor it woke the Little Man.  Yes I use a monitor... if I don't I would NEVER hear them.  They wake so rarely that when they do they actually need something.  Anyway!!  After Hubs left I continued to sleep on the couch because G got in the habit of waking and SCREAMING for me.  It took 2 extra non sick days to break it.

Guess what L did those extra two nights I slept on the couch.... HE SLEPT (from around midnight to 5am).  That's HUGE!!!  So guess what I did.... continued to sleep on the couch!

The only reason our bed looks 'slept' in here is because the Bigs were jumping on it.

When Hubs got home I told him, but he 'insisted' on use sleeping in our room.  That night I was up with L every hour.

The next night I told Hubs he was 'NOT ALLOWED' to sleep in our room again, until we move L out!

He laughed at me, but that night he slept on the couch with me.  Guess what... L slept over 5 hours straight!!

So our new room....

The couch!!  Well, I should say the living room, since the couch isn't a room.  Here are the Bigs showing where Mommy and Daddy have been sleeping.  Hubs gets the long side (left), I get the short side (right).

Sleeping on the couch doesn't bother me.  Hubs can't stand it.  He gets 'angry' about it.  He's not the one getting up with L every hour when we are sleeping in the room (he'll get up with him, if I wake him.  He doesn't hear anything when he's sleeping, but L won't go back to sleep unless he's fed or if you want to rock/hold/sing to him for over 2 hours.  Even then he still normally has to be fed to go back to sleep, and feedings can only be done by me)... so COUCH IT IS!

 Since we've been sleeping on the couch when we let the boys out of their room (yes they are locked in until we open the door) we go back to the couch and turn on a show and make the Bigs snuggle with us.  It's good and bad.  I feel like I've been a lazy mama, but at the same time I love snuggling them.  I won't lie, sometimes they won't snuggle they just sit on the floor and play while I try to convince myself to get up.

Soon L will be moving into his new room (when I get the new room for the Bigs 'decorated', they say they don't want to sleep downstairs, so I thought if I did some fun things in there they would change their minds), but until now... it's couch time!

** Since I took these pictures (last week), Hubs tried to sleep in the room again.  Of course M & G were sick again so I slept on the couch.  L slept his 5+ hours with Hubs in there.  SO, of course I tried to sleep in there too... NOPE!!  He was up every other hour.

I think it's me.  He must wake up and see me and then decide he wants me.  Hubs slept in there again last night.  L did wake when Hubs went in there and it took a good 30 minutes to get L back to sleep, but he slept almost 5 hours after that.  I will 'let' Hubs sleep in there again tonight and I will sleep on the couch.  I want to see if L will sleep with Hubs in there.  If I'm up with him multiple times again Hubs will be kicked out.  SORRY BABE!!

I need to get my bum in gear and start making this house a home.  Now that we have both floors there is so much to do and I just haven't had the umph to do it.  You would think sleeping in my bed would be a good incentive...

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