Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowy Times

Last week we had a gorgeous 38 degree day.  Hubs took some time to completely clear off the driveway before the super cold, icy, snowy weather we were (did) get this weekend.  

While he did that, M & G did this...

A little motorcycle riding,

Some bulldozing and dump trucking

Ok, A LOT of bulldozing and dump trucking! (At least for M.)  

Plenty of snow eating.   (Done by G.)

While the Little Man and Mama watched from the comfort of the living room.  Yup!  That's L standing, did you see that/read that correctly STANDING at the window.  This kid is doing things WAY too fast for me.  I was at his side the whole time holding onto him just a little bit except to back up for this (and a few other) pictures.  I was so impressed with his stability.

He loves watching his brothers.

And his Mama too :) 

1 comment:

  1. Did M clean and haul the snow off the driveway? I see the shovel laying on the ground.
    Can't believe L can stand all alone! Did Jimmy bring him the camo's?