Sunday, January 6, 2013


Last year for Christmas Grandma and Grandpa got M & G a train set.  Even though it's something we suggested we kept it in the box for a few months.  When we finally brought it out the boys LOVED it.  

However, it frustrated the bageebers out of them.  If they knocked into it if would fall and break apart.  If it broke apart there would be screams.  They couldn't put it back together at that time.  They could only play with it if Hubs or I put it together.  

I ended up putting most of the pieces in a tub with a lid and only took it out once in a while.  The boys love trains but instead of driving on the tracks (aka, clickity clacks) they would just drive on the floor.  

When I began packing for our move I packed the trains away and they hadn't found their way out until today (Saturday).  Don't worry they haven't been train deprived.  They still drive their trains around the living room/dining room area.  We push the trains hard into the carpet and make our own clickety clacks.  (I hope we still do that at least every once in a while).  

They have spent some time over at their cousins house and when I go in the basement to take a peek at them and make sure they aren't getting into anything they aren't suppose to I always see M putting his cousins tracks together.  Apparently he is ready for his clickety clacks to be out and accessible.  

We had to put the clickety clacks together for them.  Hubs and I decided that they need a bunch of just flat straight and curved pieces.  They can't put the hills and supports up on their own quite yet.  There were some near melt downs when they knocked it over accidentally because they would try to get it back together and it would just fall apart even more.  They don't have a problem putting the pieces on the floor together so I want to put the supports and hills away until a later time... just can't do it until they have more flat pieces.

L even joined in on the train fun.  

Well he was busy taking the boat for a ride rather than the trains.  Actually he was busy eating the boat rather than driving it.

They played so nicely together with the trains.  M continued to try to put ALL of the train cars together.  He got pretty frustrated when he would go up hills and the magnet would pull apart or when he would try to go around a tight curve and the train would come off the track.  Silly boy!  We tried to tell him that he should use less train cars.  In this case, for him, less is never better.

Excuse the hamper of clothes in the background!!

M thrilled to be playing with his trains.