Monday, January 7, 2013

Light Show

The boys love monster trucks!  When we were Christmas shopping for them we purchased them each a little monster truck.  Hubs Mama also got them (all of her grands) a monster truck.  When she was wrapping the trucks she called to ask us which ones M & G have.  She wanted to make sure she didn't give them the same ones they already have.  They probably had 3 each... now almost 1/2 a dozen each.

They LOVE monster trucks.  They go to sleep with one every nap and night times (that's if they don't get taken away before they fall asleep).  

They LOVE monster trucks!

My little brothers got them such a great gift for Christmas.  Can you guess what it was....

A MONSTER TRUCK!!   Not an ordinary monster truck.  They got them a monster truck that swallowed a monster truck.    The truck is so cool.  It's remote control and lights up.  (They also got them a remote control 4-wheeler that lights up... which is super cool too).  

We brought the trucks downstairs and turned off the lights.  Hence the light show... 

I think they will be having a lot of fun with these!!

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