Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas (a little late)

I've finally come to the end of my Christmas round up.  Posts will be about something other than Christmas next time around.  

We had a wonderful Christmas.  I hope you and your family did too.  

I made the Believe print.  Back before we moved I wanted to decorate M & G's room.  Hubs urged me not to since we were hoping to move soon.  I still wanted to personalize their space so I bought fabric that I was going to paint a tractor onto.  I never did.  

I came across the fabric in a bucket and thought I could use it to spruce up the fireplace.  I grabbed some wood from the basement and asked Hubs to make me a frame.  Once he nailed it together for me I wrapped the fabric.  I cut out Believe in freezer paper and then ironed it on and painted it.  I think it came out awesome... and then I lifted my plate of paint and sponge brush, and the brush rolled off... onto the print.  BUMMER!  It left just a little dot.  I knew I should leave it.  I even said out loud that I shouldn't try to rub it off.  Did I listen to myself.  Of course not.  So, if you look closely enough you can see the little red smudge.  

Santa left some bits of cookies.  G was thrilled!  He grabbed them and shoved them in his mouth with a huge smile knowing that there was no way I could stop him.  


The boys cracked us up.  When they walked out they saw I had the camera and walked to the presents. On their own they sat down and started to say cheese.

I just wish they would look at the camera every once in a while.  They say cheese, don't smile, and look around every where but the camera.

We were going to start without L but he woke up just in time.  I was so happy that he woke up before it was time for him to eat.  He wasn't hungry he was just happy to be with all of us.  We asked M & G to hold his hands, but L just wanted to rip into his first 1st Christmas present.  M (on the right) was trying so hard to hold his hand.

We decided not to purchase any gifts for L.  I never did get a chance to make him the little fabric book that I made his cousin.  I did go through M & G's 'baby' toys that are still packed up from moving.  I pulled out two toys from the boys and asked M & G if they would like to give L these for a Christmas present.  They were happy to.  (The whale is from when M & G were little).  


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