Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Card Photoshoot

Way back in November I took my little family out for a photo shoot.  I enlisted my mom, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  So thankful for all of their help.  

I started off with putting the camera on the tripod and tried to use the remote, but my remote doesn't work unless I point it right at the camera.  There is no way to hide it.  Then I got the camera ready and put it on the tripod and had Hubs brother just push the button over and over and over again.  Finally I just got the camera ready and then told him to stand right where I was and to continue to click.  

The pictures aren't everything I wanted, but I think they came out really good for doing them ourselves.  

By now most of you know I am horrible at picking just a few photos to share with you.  I know, I'm sorry, I pile them on.  

We tried to hold the letters J O Y to spell out joy but it just wasn't working.

This was the first day L sat up on his own for a long amount of time.  (November 18th 2012)  My mom said it was because the ground was so soft he just sunk in.  We doubted her.  Of course when we got home and sat him up he toppled over.  Later that week he accomplished sitting on his own.

The ground was frozen and had thawed.  The boys shoes (all of our shoes) were grossly muddy.  We had to take their shoes off in order to hold them.

I am a horrible Christmas tree decorator.  I decorated this tree before going to the park.  My mom got to our house when I was finishing and straightened it out for me.  I was so proud of it.  I know, silly!  When we put it down at the 2nd location it fell over.  All the ornaments fell off :(  It worked well, the boys got to hang them with Hubs and I got to photograph it.

I wanted to take individual pictures of the boys holding the letters but they just weren't having it.  This is the best I got of the three.

L's turned out great!  (I think)

Sorry :)  How many pictures of one family can you look at.  :)  One day I might get better at dwindling down photos.... until then, accept my apologies.

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  1. I could look at many more pictures! (So Lars took all these beautiful pictures?)

    Grandma Ronnevik