Friday, January 11, 2013

Daily Things

We do a new thing every day.  

Little Man is now feeding himself.  Since he refuses the spoon I figured I would let him try chunks of food.  I was terrified to start him on chunks.  He gags on basically liquid oatmeal.  No, not gags, basically forces himself to vomit.  Ever since he had the stomach bug he has not eaten from a spoon... at least not willingly.  

Back when he was eating really well I decided to let him try Cheerios.  Silly me.  I hadn't even let him have a soft chunk of food.  I went straight to Cheerios.  Love his face here.  He gaged on it so I didn't do it again.

A few nights ago I steamed and pureed some carrots for L.  I decided to leave 3 (baby) carrots out of the processor.  I figured I would see if he wanted to feed himself.  He loved it!  He cracks me up!  I had a little bowl of pureed carrots and a little dish of cut up carrots.  I put a few on his tray.  He worked hard and picked them up and began to enjoy them.  I tried to give him a spoonful of carrots... he gaged and forced himself to look like he was vomiting.  I picked up one of the carrot chunks, put it on the spoon while he was watching me... guess what... he ate it.  I find him to be hysterical!

The other morning we tried bananas.  People say they are so hard for babes to pick up.  You know, since they are slippery and all.  Not this kid!  I didn't even have to sprinkle Cheerio dust on them.  He just scooped them up no problem.

Look, I got it!  See!?!

So proud of himself.   (Do you see that little top left tooth.  The top two outside teeth have broken through.  I find it funny that he is getting the outside two before the middle two.)

Here's his face when trying to eat cereal (or anything off the spoon).  He refuses.

You offer him a chunk of something... he's wide open and ready.  

Lip smacking good!


Another neat thing that we are doing is pack-n-play time.  I never used the pack and play for the Bigs.  Ok, well I used it, but not like this.  I probably used it a handful of times with them (if that).

L is spending some time, daily, in this thing.  I threw him in there every once in a while when Hubs was working at the table and the boys were playing in the living room and I had to use the bathroom, or make breakfast, or for whatever reason.  Just like those times, I threw him in there the other day so I could use both hands for a moment and he pulled himself up to see his brothers.  I was right there watching (we knew it was coming).  We still had the infant insert in there so I knew not to stray too far and not to take my eyes off of him because he could easily fall out if he was able to pull himself all the way up.

Hubs was right there in front of him (out of the shot of the picture) just incase L decided to try to be adventurous and jump out.

Right after we watched him stand himself up I scooped him up with a big hooray and pulled out the insert.

Then I set him back in there standing up.

It wasn't quite as exciting for him.

And he toppled over pretty soon after.

Since that day I have plopped him in there when I put the boys down for a nap or bed, take them to go potty, or for whatever reason in order to have two free hands.  I totally see why people like these things.  :)  Especially with having 2 almost 3 year olds that leave small toys all over the floor.

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  1. I've found that with kid 3 and 4, I gave up spoon feeding my kids altogether. They love to feed themselves!! L must be related. ;)

    Pack n plays are a must when you have toddlers. I'm so glad he loves it! Solveig loved being in there so much, and I think it was because no one messed with her in there!