Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Blessed

It's Monday so I'm joining Gretchen over at He Sows, She Sews blessed party where bloggers share their blessings. Click on over and read others blessings and share some of your own.

I'm showing my blessings in pictures this week.

I am so blessed to have a family that loves to do things together.

On Saturday we went to a small zoo. We got to touch sheep, see a huge cow and pig, walk through a bird house, watch pony rides, and eat lunch on a huge playground.

We started by walking through the mini farm. We stopped to look at the sheep. The boys loved to put their hands through the fence and touch them.
As we were leaving the farm area the sheep worker showed up and was allowing kid into the pen. We decided that we would take the boys in and see what they would do.
The boys were squealing in delight in the sheep pen. They were following the sheep from one end to the other, the whole time saying BAA BAA BA.

Hubs and I kept a hand on them the entire time. We didn't want them to be rough with the sheep and we didn't want the sheep to get frustrated with the babes going BAA BAA BA and ram them.

Of course there was no ramming or rough housing :)

After visiting the farm area of the zoo we watched one of our friends kids take a pony ride. Instead of watching the rest of the bigger kids take a pony ride hubs and I decided to take the boys into the bird house. The babes LOVE birds. Whenever we are outside they notice birds that I would never notice without them pointing them out. They love to stand on the couch and spot birds from the window. We thought this part of the zoo would be perfect for them. It was awesome! We walked into basically a huge cage. The birds were flying around us. Sitting on food sticks that you could purchase and of course making the most perfect tweet tweet sound.

The boys were SO tired. They missed their morning nap so we could visit the zoo. They were excited to walk through the bird house but had a hard time keeping their eyes open.

After visiting the birds we went to the 'park' where we had a picnic and played in the zoo's play area.

The babes were pretending to be Mama's worst nightmare. Eek!

Mama wouldn't go near the play spider. YUCK!

The family pretended to be a family of birds.

Tweet tweet.

The baby birds just hatched :)
I love this grouping of pictures.

G is so happy to be sitting in the egg. M on the other hand wants out!

M trying to get around his bro.
M beginning to get vocal about his dislike of sitting in the egg.
M decided he had enough and is going to take matters into his own hands.
M climbed right over G. He had NO desire to be in that egg any more.

After lunch and some play we decided to take the boys home. They had a great time but were so tired.

After we got them home we put them down for a nap. When they woke up we decided to take them into the pool.
If you have read my blog at all this summer, you know by now that I HATE cold water. Cold water is anything that doesn't feel like bath water. Oh and when I get out of the bath or shower my skin is bright red. Yup, I'm one of those...

However, we were having such a great time being together. I couldn't just sit there and watch this time, I HAD to be involved.

Thank you Lord for my many blessings. Thank you especially for my loving FUN family!

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  1. They loved the sheep because they are from farm stock! Little farmers! Loved the picture story, it is a blessing as we live so far away to get a glimpse into their lives! I'm surprised you could even take a picture of the spider!
    Love Grandma