Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gettin Stuff Done!

This weekend hubs and I have been trying to get stuff done around the house. We just moved back into our house and we need to un-stage it. The house was so cute. Now, NOT so much! There are tubs and boxes and junk everywhere!

I tried to get a bunch done during the week when hubs was at work but honestly I only worked hard on Monday. I was so proud of myself Monday afternoon. I thought to myself, wow I got a lot done. By the time hubs got home I looked around and said to myself, I thought I got a lot done, but now it looks like nothing was done. :( After Monday's disappointment I had no motivation to get much done the rest of the week.

Our goal for the weekend is to organize the attic. HOTTTT!!! After putting the boys down for their morning nap we made our way up into the attic. I am a PACK RAT!! I feel horrible when I throw things away, but hubs helped me understand that it needs to be done! Since we are hoping to move we want to have a head start on the packing. We want to have the attic, closets, garage basically packed up sooner than later.

After working a while in the attic the babes decided that they didn't want Mommy and Daddy to work up there. I guess we were making too much noise above their room. After a couple snuggles quick we laid them back down and they 'rested' for another 30 minutes.

Hubs decided he would run outside and quick mow. While he was mowing I blew up a baby pool. Then he took a little mow break so we could set up our baby cage.

When the babes woke up I brought them out to the baby cage and we watched daddy finish mowing. Then enjoyed some pool time.

We decided that since the boys didn't sleep well during their morning nap that we would work in the garage instead of the attic. Hubs brought his bike out of the garage during the babes afternoon nap so we wouldn't bump into it.

When the babes woke up Daddy's bike was 0n the side yard. The babes LOVE motorcycles. They were squealing and wouldn't let us walk past the bike without them checking them out. Uncle Jimmy stopped by so he let them 'ride'.

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