Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hubs and I are going to go on a 'REAL' date Saturday. I don't know the last time we have been on a real date...or even just a date.

Our 7th wedding anniversary was July 25th and we went out to dinner and saw a movie. I guess that counts as a real date - BUT this is a continuation of our anniversary date!

Actually it's a birthday present from 3 years ago. Am I starting to confuse you?

Three years ago my amazing hubs 'gave' me tickets to Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. If you noticed my gave is in ' '. He printed off a great little picture of the show and put it in my birthday card. 3 years later we have never gone in to see it :/

When we were at the restaurant for our 7th wedding anniversary he gave me a sweet card with a picture of Phantom of the Opera...wait it wasn't a picture... it was ACTUAL tickets!!

No I never got a birthday present those three years ago BUT I am going to get it on Saturday.

I am so excited....but SO nervous. I don't leave my boys very often... if ever. I mean I left them for the last 10 months when I was working, but that was at baby school and with my mom. I have only missed bed time 3x. Ugh 3 very painful times. Twice when I had to go to Florida for my 2 1/2 year jaw surgery check and the other time was the first part of our anniversary date.

This time my boys are going to be with a sitter - not Grandma.

They will have a blast, they LOVE the girl that's coming to watch them.

We will have a blast. Going into the City and seeing a show that we have both wanted to see for so long.

I'm super excited for Saturday :)

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